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Many times we have to go any appointment and we realize that our hands are a disaster. Hands care is an essential part of our beauty routines, and take perfect nails will help us to see improved in large part our image.

However, the pace of life today, prevent us from many take the time to devote to caring for this sensitive part of the body. Here are some steps that you can do before you go anywhere in a matter of minutes and your hands will be excellent.

Manicure express: nice and well-kept hands in 5 minutes

You have to bear in mind that if your nails were formerly painted you must treat the night before the event, or even though this step have forgotten opts to clean them with towels or nail polish removers special dedicated to remove traces of very quickly. When we finish we apply a little olive oil to make them brighter.

We turn to the filing, not dawdle much, it simply equals the nails with the lima, smoothing in one direction and then clean the remains, if you want to give a court do, and then file.

Exfoliate and smooth. If you have bad cuticles and even some skin you can take off them with the tools before exfoliate (sticks of Orange to push the cuticles…) but it is recommended to regularly use oil for cuticles that it allies them and hydrate. To exfoliate, you can use the same one you use for the body or do one home with sugar and olive oil. It massages for a minute and rinse with water.

It is the turn to nail polish, a dark color is always more laborious, so it is best to choose colors that only require a layer or two.

It hydrates. Once dry, it uses a cream that hydrate your hands and your cuticles (if possible in a single product, better). If you’re that just he has a few minutes, you can do these steps separately. But do not you neglect for a long time the care of your nails, then you could get the opposite effect.

Manicure express: nice and well-kept hands in 5 minutes

There are very good express on the market products. They come in different forms and different brands:

Wipes nail polish removers. They remove any type of nail lacquer with speed and convenience. A single cloth is sufficient for all nails.

Strength of nails: It will be strongly from the first application to fingernails fragile or too soft. Double-action, strengthens nails and prevents breakage that it gives a natural glow. Correction of enamels. Practical and fast, deletes in a single gesture the excess of enamel or small imperfections. Moisturizing Jojoba oil base, does not contain acetone. After each use, clean the tip with a handkerchief.

Exfoliating and moisturizing creams: essential for any skin care, never forget that first applied the exfoliant (before the enamel) and then the moisturizer (after the application of the enamel dry once).

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