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Makeup trends for perfect skin fall-winter 2015-2016

The Best Makeup Trends for Fall 2015

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Makeup trends for perfect skin fall-winter 2015-2016

This autumn-winter 2015-2016, but comes with different styles, there are three key principals that must not forget to follow fashion: wear a perfect skin, eyes black with imperfect lines and red lips bitten effect. Three styles that are not easy to do, but with a few tricks are available to all women.

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This season, the perfect skin has to look perfect. That is, as if it had the face of porcelain . It is not easy because there is always some imperfection that can range from a small pimple to dark circles or a tired face. The trick on this occasion to show off that perfect skin is simple. First, you have to light up the area with powerful spotlights great to see even the smallest detail.

The Best Makeup Trends for Fall 2015

From there, you have to take the corrector and apply the duller parts of the face. Then you have to apply base make the most similar to skin tone and apply translucent powder or fasteners. The makeup is finished with powder bronzers only must be used gently to outline the features.

Of great help it can also be used that are released makeup effect porcelain face or cosmetics brands Oriental that help to have perfect skin.

The red lip with Bitten effect is not easy to do to make it right and not denote slovenliness and vulgarity. A great help is to apply lipstick with the brush to mark the mouth slightly without profile it with pencil and extend the amount of product well, leaving less covered areas such as the central part of the mouth. If even yet there is excess product, you can take a swab to remove.

And there are tricks to frame the eyes in black, so that the lines remain fragmented because perfect eyeliner is no longer carried. The secret is to use pencils tip having wider so that the stroke is not necessary and using shades perfect skin darker than have to be applied with the tips of his fingers to cover larger areas and extend with less precision.

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