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Lymphatic drainage to prevent varicose veins and reduce cellulite

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Lymphatic drainage to prevent varicose veins and reduce cellulite

We all know that to prevent and avoid these disorders so typical of women, the appointment with the gym is inescapable. However, the lymphatic drainage is presented as an alternative and not missed anything too expensive, that while it does not replace the exercise, they do very good job against the preventive and cosmetic varicose veins and cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage to prevent varicose veins and reduce cellulite

This non-invasive massage technique also gives us an immune system-related assistance, as it acts in removing harmful toxins into the body. So if we want to make us a treatment of lymphatic drainage, we are also improving many aspects of health.


How does the lymphatic system work

The lymphatic system runs throughout the body configured as a network linked by nodes and extended through large pipes where these nodes are active centers of production and redistribution of lymph. In turn, the lymph fluid has a composition comprising cells that fight the entry and proliferation of bacteria.

Their relationship with the circulation of blood is important, as the latter flows into the lymphatic system and excess waste. Thus, the mission of this system consists of:

  • Oxygenate and nourish cells.
  • Taking blood purge toxins.
  • Fight infections and boost the immune system.
  • Relieve excess fluid trapped in the tissues and fat molecules.


How does the lymphatic drainage

Often the lymph flow may be altered, which can be revealed by the swelling of certain parts of the body, heaviness, feeling of fatigue, deterioration of the skin and hair, to name just a few minor consequences.

In these cases, manual massages track areas where lymphatic fluid has accumulated and lead to the different channels of the system itself. The procedure is done carefully and not cause any pain. The action of the therapist aims to:

  • Unlock and boost lymphatic circulation, with positive effects on the blood system.
  • Beneficially assist the immune system.
  • Affect the nervous system, relax the tension and areas where there was acting as an antispasmodic.


Why lymphatic drainage relieves varicose veins and cellulite disorders

Cellulite is caused by fat accumulation in tissues. Where there is cellulite resides excess toxins, fluids and fat. That is why treatment of lymphatic drainage is optimal to reduce cellulite, releasing blockages by massaging the whole area of tissue.

Varicose veins, in turn, result from a loss of elasticity of the veins, which are thickened while there is a weakening of the valves, in charge of entry and exit of the blood. In this case, the lymphatic drainage, to activate blood circulation, eases the work of the veins, swollen by poor circulation. Anyway, the massage lymphatic drainage fail to return to the vein to its original size. However, it is useful to relieve pressure and remove the affected area.

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