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It seems that the eye color is no longer something immovable. After ten years of research, the biologist Gregg Homer unveiled the new technique of eye treatment in half a minute to change eye color by a laser: the Lumineyes. However, things are not that simple and the controversy was immediate: beyond unnecessary frivolity Lumineyes, Is it safe?

Maybe United States is more frequent to see dissenting people with their brown eyes. There, where overwhelmed with a type of “angelic” beauty celestial eyes mean true status and exclusivity. Therefore, the Stroma Medical company financed the project of Homer laser.

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The problem in this case is often not carried out sufficient evidence, or are not disseminated, to ensure there are no unwanted effects or irreversible damage.

Lumineyes laser treatment to change eye color

How the Lumineyes works?

The way the controversial laser treatment modifies the color of the eyes is through a reduction in the proportion of melanin. Melanin is a pigment whose quantities are given by the genes of each. This pigment is distributed in the iris and light contact in the first days of life causes the acquired eye coloration.

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The more melanin, the darker will be the eyes. Brown eyes, brown or chestnut have higher proportions of melanin. Meanwhile blue eyes are to be composed of a small number of melanin, the coloring clear gain after reflected light. The laser treatment invented by Gregg Homer is making melanin remove iris until it acquires the blue, from a technique similar to that used to remove skin blemishes, i.e. removing the “excess” of pigmentation.

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This procedure takes only twenty seconds. At that time, the heat of the laser changes the structure of the iris and transformed cells in cell debris which assimilated by the body as damaged tissue protein.


Critics Homer

While the scientist said eye is not damaged by the laser treatment, because the absorption of same is carried out exclusively by the iris, it is noted that the manipulation of the layers of the iris could have fatal consequences such as atrophy of the layers, whereby the eye as would be still cloudy brown.

In any case, Homer’s discoveries have not been published in any recognized scientific journal of importance, so exposure to this irreversible process is completely inadvisable.

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