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How to style the hair for men: Meet the right products for the best looks

The pastel and vibrant colors are part of the new trends, they seek to impose themselves as a wild and daring look.

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How to style the hair for men: Meet the right products for the best looks

Men’s hair dyes are the big taboo of male beauty. However, every day more men -especially artistic figures such as singers, models and even athletes- have dyed their hair no matter what they will say. Although few men dare to break with the traditional and give a 180º turn to their appearance, more and more customers are launching into new trends.

For this reason, as a professional, you must be up-to-date to offer your users the best advice.

The pastel and vibrant colors are part of the new trends, they seek to impose themselves as a wild and daring look.

Tone trend oxygenated blonde hair

Dark Tan, Natural Brown, Dark Brown, Natural Light Brown, Natural Dark Blonde: These are the shades of L’Oréal Excell 5 Hair Color Replenishing Gel-Cream . Something like a color bath for men.

If there is something that rejuvenates the appearance of a man, it is to diminish or eliminate the gray hair that mixes with the natural color of the hair. As the dye gives too obvious a result, different brands sell color or recolor baths so that the result is discreet.

Llongueras, Kerzo, L’Oréal, Deliplus : these are some of the brands that have a specific color chart for men’s hair. Why not try? It is easy to apply and the result may surprise you. The result usually lasts 3-4 weeks so if you don’t like it in a short time it will disappear and no more talk.

The Excell 5 instructions on the L’Oréal Men Expert website are very good. They do not roll up, they get to the point and make understanding much easier. I will now tell you the most important part of the gray hair bleaching operation.

L'Oréal Excell 5 or how to tone gray hair with men's hair recolor

Tips for choosing the right color: Hair dyes for men: Meet the best 6 looks!

In addition to looking beautiful on women, men with wavy or curly hair look great on them. A tone that should lean towards a very natural result, but be careful! It is recommended only for vain men, since it needs touch-ups and care -such as masks and treatments- to maintain color.

Oxygenated blonde

Ideal for men with light or dark skin, although they are also worn -and very well- by people with darker skin tones. Also, it is usually accompanied by a military cut and has a great benefit, it looks great even with the dark root.

Grey silver

silver gray hair color
This tone boomed in the market approximately two years ago and has been maintained thanks to its dramatic and imposing effect. It is an excellent idea for men who want to show off their gray hair. However, this does not mean that it looks bad on young men. Some daring have dared to do it at home -with unfavorable results- because it needs a bleaching process that only a professional can provide.

Golden caramel

golden candy man hair

It is a tone with golden hues that gives a natural light effect on the face. It usually shines on thick or wavy hair and is worn on brown roots – even if they are dark. A perfect shade to brighten the color and give a little natural shine, as seen in the photo by @igorprusinowski.

Transparent shine

Hair dyes for men - transparent shine

A good option for those who do not want to be so radical when changing their look, it is a layer of shine -without ammonia or color- that you apply to your client’s hair to highlight the natural tone.


The pastel and vibrant colors are part of the new trends, they seek to impose themselves as a wild and daring look. Its range of colors include purple, blue, aqua, pink and red, among others, and are ideal for those more strident. They can look like a single color or to be a little more discreet, combine it with another as highlights or lighting, as seen in the Modaellos photos.

aquamarine men's hair trend pastel pink hair man pastel wicks man

If as a professional you have never dyed a man’s hair, do not hesitate to take recycling courses, that is, to train yourself to open your business and your services to the male public.

The expert from L’Oreal comes out on video-tutorial on the official website explains to you that you have a tendency to choose a shade darker than they actually need: an optical effect easy to fix. Here are three basic tips for choosing the best color for a natural result:

  1. Sorts the color of your hair and defines the closest in the color chart Excel 5. This will be your reference.
  2. If you have a lot of gray , it is best to choose two shades lighter than your own for the recoloring hair is not so obvious the first time. If you are someone who wants to regain the natural color with no hobbies, a lighter shade, the better.
  3. If the amount of gray is small, they also recommend choosing a lighter shade of color reference.

What is in the box?

All hair coloring products consist of an applicator (in this case it is an applicator hair brush ), a tube with the coloring of the chosen color and the developer. In the video that you will see below they show you everything.

Important: once the two products, the color and the developer have been mixed , you cannot save it for another day. Not only will it lose its effectiveness, but it will spoil the mix. If you want to amortize the box, mix only half and save the halves separately for the following month. What is left over from the mixture on the day of application must be thrown away.

Let’s do it

  • Hair must be clean of any finishing product: jelly, foam, wax. Remnants of these hair products could prevent discoloration from even, even preventing the product from acting.
  • The product is applied to dry hair, so if you have it dirty and wash it, you should dry it.
  • Mixing the two jars is easy: insert the colored tube into the jar with an applicator. The applicator cap has no outlet, so shake it without fear. Once well mixed, cut off the applicator cap.
  • You spread the paste as shown in the video and brush the hair, from the temples to the crown .
  • Do not leave the bleach on the hair for more than 5 minutes, you can now rinse with plenty of water. Wash your hair with your usual shampoo.

You are now ready to see the rejuvenating result in the mirror. Can you send us a before and after photo? I would love to post it on the blog.

Are you planning to change from blonde to brunette or change your look from brunette? Style My Hair is the solution to try that color on. Forget the doubts about how a new color would fit you. Now you can easily visualize how that new look would look, and discover colors that you have never seen before!

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