Look for smoky eyes every day

apply a light spot on the tear with white or a light shade

The smoky eyes have well earned reputation for sexy, ideal for the night because they are in dark tones and try to give the eyes a touch of mystery and depth. The total black style, metallic or blue and became a classic that suits any woman. But this time you will see a way to use it during the day without makeup and ornately image for the moment exaggerated.

There are those who dare to wear very dark eyes (almost like a raccoon) at any time of the day, even to work. But this look can be really overloaded. So for those who are fans of smoky eyes, there are options to create the style a bit more understated and natural, ideal for the day or for the summer when the tones are no longer as dark.

Brown is the perfect tone to match in this smoky eye look for the day and can be used on all skin types: more coffee, chocolate or hazelnut, based on their preference. The following lines show a step by step how to do it and make it look really impeccable.

apply a light spot on the tear with white or a light shade

Items needed:

  • Concealer
  • Fixer shadows or first
  • Neutral shade
  • Dark brown shade
  • Brown pencil
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Black or brown mascara as preferred
  • Various brushes for shadows
  • For the rest of the face: Bronzing Powder, moisturizing base with color, gloss powder compact and transparent (clear or colored).

Step by step

  • The whole face should be ready with the base.
  • Then starts with the dark circles to coat well as the style eye makeup derive much attention to the area and need to dark spots are not tired.
  • After applying the first across the eyelid, this will set the shadows better and last much longer without cracking with the passing of the hours.
  • Start with the round brush and apply a shadow-white or nude around the eyelid.
  • Take a pencil brush and start applying from the corner a medium matte brown shadow ticking the basin eyes and giving depth. Then go well with a brush fader to not notice this line.
  • Then applies a minimum amount of darker brown shade (or the same above but more intense or wet), limiting the angle only the color of the eyelid. The idea is to create a depth and then go through the lash line.
  • Back to off-white shade on the eyelid to enhance the contrast and extend toward the brow bone.
  • If desired, apply a light spot on the tear with white or a light shade.
  • The final step is to apply eyeliner on the upper lash line and also very thin in the lower. This can be replaced with white as the day brings more light.
  • Eventually the mascara give the touch. Choose between black or brown according to skin tone and if you like it more or less obvious.

For full makeup, do not forget bronzer, blush and gloss. Everything must be very subtle, to highlight the eyes but also be very discreet.

If you like the smoky eye makeup, then this can be worn at the office, shopping, a meal without fear of being misplaced. Best of look is that as the day passes can be enhanced with a little darker shades and take it to something more appealing to the night, even with black mascara and a lipstick more imposing. Every day then you can achieve the same effect of this style sultry eyes but without falling into the classic black.

By Joseph

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