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Lipsticks with treatment and color

lip balm , lip gloss , lip moisturizer , lipstick , lip moisturizer

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Lipsticks with treatment and color

You may look a defined lips, colorful, beautiful and healthy again. Needless to resign on health when we make ourselves up as several cosmetics products introduced care formulas, sunscreen, antiaging, hydration, etc., for everyday use without risk of skin suffers. In this tune, every day are more lipsticks that aim to beautify life and color filling the mouth but also to care for this sensitive area of the face. Then the new releases of the brands that come to protect lips at all times.

lip balm , lip gloss , lip moisturizer , lipstick , lip moisturizer

Three different cosmetic houses in their products and the public that point, have been modernized with its iconic lipstick ingredients to add them to help care for the area. Color is important, brightness, texture, volume and finish each lipstick, but even the best of all never look good on a dry, chapped lips, dehydrated, aging, etc. For this, the technology incorporates cosmetic ingredients to protect lips in their formulas. Many plant-derived and proven results in treatment creams.

Dior, Maybelline and Rimmel lipsticks recently presented their new star, ideal for always carrying by hand, in a large range of colors and textures, which promise to leave lipstick and beautiful but also very careful.

Baume Rouge Dior: the new Dior couture creation is filled with a surprising modernity and elegance to dress the lips. No need to choose between oral care and color, because this product overlying a Basamo moisturizing and protective. Its formula is rich in natural ingredients, light texture and most importantly of all, it provides the desired color. In just one application, the lips are smoothed, filled and filled with color because thanks to this balm nourish and enhance lips. With the passing of the hours lips smooth and gain volume that lasts all day like the color. Vine in 12 colors with a radiant luster effect types ranging from light pink to coral, pearl and some other pile.

Keep Calm Lip Balm: Rimmel London launches new ultra-nourishing balm lips long life with a touch of color with long endurance. Its formula is enriched with moisturizing and nourishing oils that soothe, soften and protect the lips. Furthermore, this lipstick gives a soft color to the lips while moisturizing deeply. There are five tones: Keep Calm and Shop is transparent; Keep Calm and Kiss is a sweet pink sorbet; Keep Calm and Rock is a strong fuchsia; Keep Calm and Play is a soft magenta tone; and Keep Calm and Party is an amethyst tone. This release also brings a limited edition nail I love lasting finish to complete the full look Keep Calm. All in vibrant and full of personality, ideal colors to collect and add to summer outfits.

Maybelline Baby Lips: no more basic lip balms that do not contribute to color. This new formula of lip renewal gives up to 8 hours of hydration and leaves lips visibly renewed in 4 weeks so they are very soft like a baby. Its advantage over other brands is that it has SPF 20 to protect your lips thin skin and prevent dryness and flaking. It comes in six shades: from translucent and bright, clear, intense and raspberry pink. Its color is very dim when placed as highlights and gives life to the natural color of lips without being too strident. To apply lipstick used starting in the center of the upper lip. Blur from the center to the outer corners, following the contour of the mouth. Repeat the technique on the lower lip.

Eli Heros, the Make Up Artist of Rimmel London states that “A good makeup starts with good wetting. The most important before applying lipstick is to apply a balm for skin preparation “and this is ruled out because there are these new lipsticks 2 in 1 that moisturize and protect lips from external factors and provide a nice tone to mouth . They are ideal for use alone or under lipstick that enliven the lips. This summer will be indispensable in all portfolios.

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