Uncomfortable shoes have high heels or not, they may increase the risk of arthritis in the joints

Foot problems caused by shoes

In heavy times fashion is not going hand in hand with health, especially when shoes it is. The greatest enemy known for our feet is the stiletto, but the dangers are not just in it, there are other more styles of shoes that can be harmful. Discover what are the common problems caused by the […]

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Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation for full health

Mindfulness refers to paying attention in a particular way, in the present moment without exercising any judgment. The most famous exponent is Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness, who then founded the stress reduction program based on Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts. Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose. It involves a conscious direction of consciousness, but note that […]

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The ideal is not directly coloring the roots, but leave an inch undyed hair

Dyeing underarm hair is the new craze

Having underarm hair and moreover colored with artificial tones, seems to be the new fad that has been established on Tumblr and Instagram. Many women consider having underarm hair is something liberating, (I disagree because hair does smell), but I like the idea of wanting to break with the social norms of beauty but other […]

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remove makeup before going to sleep to lower the risk of a stye

How to treat styes?

The appearance of a swollen red bump on the eyelid is usually indicative of a stye. This is one truly horrible beauty problem that can last a week. Discover how to get rid of a stye and how to prevent this nasty infection temporarily ruin your look. Stye Treatment is simple and can start immediately, […]

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