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Laser and pulsed light hair removal: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Laser and pulsed light hair removal: Advantages and Disadvantages

Plucking every week or every month can be very tedious. In fact, all of us have ever wondered why men do not have to pluck? Needless to say how painful it can be for many of us, the waxing, which makes us to book now to when there is no other option.
Laser and pulsed light hair removal Advantages and Disadvantages
For this reason, many women have chosen the laser hair removal which removes completely and definitely the hair on the legs, but can also be used for other body parts such as armpits. Sometimes it takes several sessions of laser hair removal for removing the hair go progressively.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal?

First, the advantage can be said to be a highly effective method for a few sessions can permanently remove unwanted hair. The technique is painless and produces lasting effects.

It is ideal for women that have a rapid hormonal problems and abnormal hair growth, so removing this spacious and comfortable.

How does laser hair removal? The process is simple to understand. The laser transmits a large amount of light going through the layers of skin as if they were transparent. When faced with an “object” as the stems dark hair and the heat disintegrates completely. The thermal energy of the laser acts directly on the dermal papilla.

There is also the permanent hair removal using pulsed light. Although many believe that the same relate to the fundamental difference is that the light from laser hair removal is a single, monochromatic while the pulsed light is a mixed light having different wavelengths.

For people of normal health, no side effects and leaves the skin soft and firm and that light has a positive effect on collagen.

The disadvantage of pulsed light is that results are not as accurate as the hair laser, although much depends on the color of the skin to treat. Furthermore, this type of hair can irritate the skin, which with the laser hair removal does not happen in general.

The laser hair removal can have some drawbacks if you are pregnant, so forget about this method while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also contraindicated for people taking photosensitizing medication. And if you’re tanned, you must wait for summer color is going to proceed with this hair removal technique. And if hair growth is very abundant in your case, you may need more sessions than usual.

Indeed, in both types of hair need several sessions for hair removal gradually going to get in, but at the end of treatment you can enjoy the pleasant sensation of not shaving anymore?

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