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Insta breast implants: the dangers of the instant breasts

Instant Breast Enlargement: Can You Really Get Bigger Breasts in 20 Minutes


Insta breast implants: the dangers of the instant breasts

The Express implants, Insta breast, have become very popular in the country’s north, but this trend to get instant breasts is extremely hazardous to health.

Many experts say that the technique is unfounded and can lead to serious risks for women, and even can lead to death.

Instant Breast Enlargement: Can You Really Get Bigger Breasts in 20 Minutes

Out implants Insta breast last 24 hours and are marketed under the objective that women with little bust can wear a suggestive neckline or a special occasion as a final test before being placed implants.

The method was developed by Dr. Norman Rowe and his team of doctors, it is based on the inoculation of saline breast, which applied 20 minutes, enlarge breast size by one day.

Women who underwent the treatment charge that 24 hours are not enough to enjoy their new breasts, so the team of specialists is experienced with a substance that can last for three to four weeks.

All that is known is that the implants contain saline Express, but the chemicals contained in the new wording, its creator keeps absolute secrecy. What’s more, Dr. Rowe considering the possibility that men also use it, to enlarge his pectorals or inoculate the calves.

Although a safe solution is injected, the procedure itself entails serious risks, because if you do not perform the necessary sterility precautions can cause serious infections in the sinuses.

The expert also criticized the Intabreast promoted as a test for breast augmentation as a measure of breasts is different. Famá said “The human body is not for experiments and this reveals the lack of seriousness of those pushing this technology.”

He also added that the fact that it is experimenting with a substance that increases the volume of the breasts for 4 weeks, reveals that the method is not serious because it does not reveal what is working compound.

Any treatment that is made in the body is dangerous, do not take these things lightly and be aware that a wrong choice can lead to tragedy.

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