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The events a theme that girls like a lot, awakens that spark and energy of wanting to be participants and attract attention with a garment that together with accessories are transported to a fascinating place full of hope, where your daughter can play and have fun with a simple casual dress or perhaps striking according to the tastes.


In birthday events and as they are girls, even informal dress is the key, a dress that allows them to twist, jump, run but essential that you feel beautiful and comfortable with these clothes. Use accessories that combine with the dress, can be handles in bright crystals, colored rubbers, or plastic. As long as you keep the style informal and simple. One of the children’s fabrics that you see often is that of blue jeans, it can be a little thicker, but it gives you the casual style you want.

Encourage yourself to be part of the world of children at the hand of your daughter

Actually the most important aspect is the comfort with which you wear the dress you have chosen, that your daughter is able to smile without there being the need to pretend. Being authentic and simple at the same time makes society see that fashion can set a pattern for many more girls to want to look the same.

The informal does not mean that your daughter should be unsettled, it means that you should look for simple but beautiful clothes that have unique and particular style. When you go shopping you will find out which style you like best. It is necessary to see the tastes of who is going to wear the garment, because it is who is going to feel comfortable with the clothes.


Try to be informal dresses that have no veil or mesh on top, because this prevents their daily activities, only in smooth or thick fabric in such a way that resists any scratch or fall to the floor. Girls, although they are very delicate and delicate, it is always better to maintain a sense of caution first of all. The accessories that can be added are a bracelet, and a watch. Give it a touch that allows your daughter to see that even being an informal style can feel like the princess of the fairy tale that fascinates them so much. Do not doubt the tennis shoes you can also use them, they are very comfortable and allow the girls to fully enjoy the children’s games.


In these familiar moments the use of the informal dress is when you can choose the striking colors, keep in mind that here you will have the freedom to choose without limits. If you want sandals with shine or without shine. Apply the personal tendency, your daughter is who will determine and set the parameters of their tastes. So there is sun or rain does not influence much because being in a familiar environment the warmth of the place and family love makes the dress is beautiful. It is important that advances in fashion do not stop the limits do not exist and the creativity in merar the style does not stop.


Girls love freedom of expression, let them be themselves and you can do it by allowing them to dress naturally and at their pleasure. Make them always put their personal stamp so they will feel and learn to make decisions, with such small details but in the future the results will be seen at a glance. The personality is reflected in the style if she is shy, she will use soft colors such as pastel colors, but if she is imperative and creative she experiences stronger colors such as red, green and yellow.

Dedicate time to accessories, is a trend that makes the dress is related to the set of accessories such as evillas, bows, bracelets or webbing. They tend to imitate the mother for that reason you have to know how to guide them correctly.

Encourage yourself to be part of the world of children at the hand of your daughter, support and help in the steps of fashion she will take into account, if you keep alive and close relationship of friends.

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