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How to improve the thick calves and ankles

thick calves and ankles can be caused by blood pressure medication and antidepressants

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How to improve the thick calves and ankles

The thick ankles and calves can be caused by genetic factors, but there are other underlying causes, and luckily most of them have solutions. In this post I show you several ways to improve the calves and thick ankles, so you can look toned and slender legs.

Losing weight

This is obvious, but nevertheless not many women realize the relationship between the two.
thick calves and ankles can be caused by blood pressure medication and antidepressants
The most common cause of calves and ankles is not genetic, it is because fat deposits in the legs are the result of the action of gravity. A healthy and sustainable diet is the right decision, because a crash diet can be harmful in the long term.

On the other hand, excess weight causes water retention, which makes the legs look swollen.

Prevent fluid retention

While still having a healthy weight calves and ankles continue to be overweight, the problem may be water retention. In this case you have to reduce your intake of salty foods and take the appropriate amount of water.
Exercise also helps, because much liquid is released and with it, sodium accumulated in the body.


No exercises to reduce and toning your calves and ankle, so what you have to do is choose exercises that tone muscles of the feet. Specific exercises for this part of the body are jumping rope, hiking, running downhill, climbing stairs or climber, calf exercises weight or not, squats and press.


Some prescription medications can cause this problem or increase it. Generally thick calves and ankles can be caused by blood pressure medication and antidepressants.

Toning shoes

There are some shoes that are sold as “toning”, although there are conflicting views regarding its efficacy, it is not over buy a couple of them to play sports because it can add but not subtract.


Hormones have a strong bond with weight gain and swelling in the ankle area. When an increase in the circumference of the legs after starting the pills note, it is best to consult the doctor to see other options for care or finding the right pill that present fewer side effects.


Poor circulation and changing hormone levels may contribute to this problem. The only way to control in pregnancy is with low diet, active physical activity throughout pregnancy and regular massage on the feet and ankles to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.


In cases where genetics is to blame, there is no alternative but to resort to liposuction in the area, but the procedure is not without risk.

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