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How to use your makeup illuminator

How to use your makeup illuminator

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How to use your makeup illuminator

The illuminators are just great aesthetic appeal. With them you can give a perfect finish to your makeup and look radiant at all times and under all circumstances.

Of course, some applications require art, a certain technique, you can say is the same technique as a painter uses to illuminate a picture. In a word, adding light you need to know, as a first step, what to leave in the shadows.


Basics about the illuminator

The illuminators in makeup are not new: it is a resource that all old make-up artist specializing in photography knows. Today, the technology enables our favorite cosmetic brands to market a range of illuminators of varying tones and textures.

How to use your makeup illuminator

It should be clarified that the illuminator is not a concealer. This clarification seems silly, but it is vital because once you have resolved the difference is more than safe to proceed successfully. The corrector, as its name implies, corrects dark circles, pimples, spots, and apply themselves or each other before the base.


For its part, the time of placement of the illuminator varies according to the texture. If it is creamy, like a paste, it is used before the base. However, if you use is timely, applied as a last step of makeup.


Tips for applying to the face illuminator

Do not ever put on the defects, since the function of the illuminator is to highlight, emphasize, enlarge, and never hide the features.

Front: blurring put the brush to the side. The intensity will vary according to the characteristics of each face. If the forehead is narrow, the light in the center will give greater presence.

Lacrimal: the illuminator plays a very interesting here, especially for those who have eyes close together. In any case, gives a feeling of intense freshness.

Cheek: applied to the top of the cheeks, and always remember to blend into the sides. The effect is of tone and elasticity of the skin.

Nose: we can model the illuminating our noses and tune through the subtle application in the septum. Brows: just a detail under the arch of the eyebrow is enough to greatly enhance the look and get relaxed and jovial air that gives the illuminator.

Chin: see how well you have a little light under the lower lip to draw the chin, especially if it has little relief.


Finally, apply some highlighter, very subtly, on the lips, those who use it as eyeliner, or “shadow” for the day. Of course, anything goes when it comes to being beautiful.

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