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How to use the disks for Nail Art

Nail Art will highlight your hands so that they are well cared for

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How to use the disks for Nail Art

Even you are tired of the usual manicure and looking for something original and creative for your nails? Who said that to have nails decorated it to turn to a professional? With a little practice and the right tools you can create stunning Nail Art DIY. Today I will show you how to use the disks for Nail Art: with this technique you can make beautiful decorations and give vent to your imagination so quick, easy and above all cheap!

With a few discs you can pick and create as many decorations you want, combining different colors. Let’s see how to make:

Nail Art will highlight your hands so that they are well cared for

  • Requires:

  • Nail Polish base coat (or transparent)
  • 2 different color glazes
  • disc for Nail art
  • spatula for removing excess
  • stamp
  • enamel top coat (or transparent)

Learn how to make:

The first thing to do is prepare your nails: remove the cuticles, fingernails can pare the size and give the shape that we want. Nail Art will highlight your hands so that they are well cared for! Then apply a base coat on the market there are different types: hardeners, bleaches, restructuring but unless you have special needs a simple transparent enamel will be fine.

Choose two different colored glazes: one for the base color and the other for decorations. Then spread the first enamel on all nails and expect to dry. For a more color, you can make a second pass. For a Nail Art more evident it is preferable to choose colors that are at odds with each other.

At this point take the disc for Nail Art and choose the decoration that you want to transfer your fingernail. Pour a sufficient amount of enamel on decorating different colour compared to what you used as a base, and remove the excess with the special spatula so that the glaze only remains in the drawing.

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Now you can press the stamp on decoration that you tinted and transfer it on the nail, hand holding the firmest possible so as not to smudge. We do so for all the nails that we decorate and leave to dry for a few minutes.

The last step is to use a glaze top coat to seal the work and standardize everything. Even in this case on the market there are different types but for those novice can suffice a simple transparent enamel pass. Let dry for the last time and your Nail Art is over.

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