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How to use Blush and lipsticks for looking younger

Because the eyelid skin one can looks like younger or older than she actually is.


How to use Blush and lipsticks for looking younger

Being young and staying young is the goal that many women want not only through different treatments, but also through makeup. An improper choice of color or textures for cosmetics can make them look much older. In general, be careful with all the products that are used and, especially, with the blush and the lipstick. In addition, it is important to clarify that there is an important relationship between the two to achieve that younger appearance.

Because the eyelid skin one can looks like younger or older than she actually is.

How to apply Blush

The pink is the color of youth par excellence, having to choose the best feeling you depending on your skin tone. In this way, pale and mauve or beige roses are the most flattering for lighter skin.

Women with medium or Mediterranean skin tones should choose those warm roses , which turn to peach. And, if the skin is dark , the key is to use fuchsia pinks and even go for these shades with red shades.

However, even if the color is chosen well, there must be a clear maxim: it is important to apply the right amount of blush. It is a mistake to think that by increasing the tone or adding more product you are going to have a better face or look younger.

When it comes to extending it, you must also take precautions. It is not good to apply it to the eyes because small wrinkles that can be in this area of ​​the face are marked . With a touch of central blush on the cheekbones is more than enough.

Tricks for Lips

The lips are another of the key points of the face to appear younger. The lipstick should always be a natural color because it transmits lightness and freshness. It is always recommended that the blush and the lipstick be the same tone or that the lipstick – it should be hydrating – be a little higher.

When applying lipstick, use the liner of the same color to redraw the shape and correct possible imperfections. And, of course, don’t forget about the wrinkles or vertical stripes that appear around the mouth. If they are there, you can hide them by previously applying a concealer .

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