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The natural cosmetics avoids the harmful substances for our organism and tries to include components that in the medium term restore the natural balance of your hair offering as a result a healthy, nourished and radiant hair.

The majority of shampoos that are sold in regular establishments, promise with their marketing specific effects for each product. We have the ones that eliminate frizz, the highly hydrating ones, the ones that ensure a dazzling brightness, and many others that we all know. What we do not know is that the habitual use of this type of products reduces the natural capacity of the organism to achieve the natural balance of the hair.

How to take care of your hair by choosing a natural shampoo

On the contrary, when we decide to switch to natural cosmetics, specifically the use of shampoos without chemical ingredients, we can convince ourselves of their nutritional action when we have been using them regularly in the medium term.

We insist with the concept, in the medium term , because people who have not been convinced of the benefits of natural cosmetics surely is because they have not had enough patience to observe the results after a while. Our society takes us to the concept of the immediate and therefore when we wash your hair we also hope that we will see it as we wish.

With conventional products your desire is fulfilled but partially and simply visual since if it is true that we have shiny and soft hair but we will discover which components are those that achieve this effect and how these same components damage your hair health …

How the shine is achieved: the hair we see bright after washing because the components of mineral origin build a layer around each hair giving it shine. These components are silicones and petroleum products whose name you can read in the list of ingredients of most shampoos.

All of them are saturated fats very far from the natural fat of your hair. They give artificial shine but in the long run do not nourish the hair or protect it from external agents, but the opposite.

Along with the mentioned ingredients, conventional shampoos also contain most, synthetic preservatives as well known as parabens (they start with “methyl-“, “ethyl-2”, “propyl-” and “butyl-” and end in “paraben”). Sufficient studies have been done to scientifically prove that these components can reach the blood and are stored in the fatty tissue, producing a dystrogenic estrogenic effect (female hormone).

This is why more and more cosmetic brands have been rushing to eliminate the parabens in their products, but they are not by far all they should be. The shampoos of natural or ecological cosmetics have a rigorous regulation and evidently they are very clear that these components so aggressive for the organism are totally prohibited.

Finally, it should also be noted that conventional shampoos the effect of the abundant foam responsible for synthetic surfactant detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (“Sodium laureth sulfate”), which can cause irritation and dermatological alterations.

But you’re wondering …

How does a natural shampoo work?

By not containing these substances that offer immediate results and sensations their behavior with your hair in the daily shower is very different.

When we apply it, we do not have as much foam, and at the end we will notice a special shine, at least in the first applications. But if the fact that they are formulated with natural ingredients less aggressive and safe, your hair will be careful and we will avoid the usual damages of chemicals such as dryness and irritation. This is why dermatologists recommend it when the scalp is affected.

Many people speak ill of them and even run certain false myths that can discredit them. But the key is to try it for a long enough time to start acting. At first it will be eliminating the remains of the chemical ingredients that until now have been attacking your hair and for this it takes more than one wash.

Over time you can see that your hair regains the ability to regenerate, you will notice well hydrated and with a healthy appearance. In addition, natural shampoos are very effective in regulating sebaceous production so they avoid excess fat or dryness.

Go ahead and try it, you will notice it !!!

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