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It may be that the floor of your house or floor has been stained with wax due to the use of candles, it may also be that you have waxed the floor and some traces of wax have accumulated in the grooves of your floor. In any case, removing the wax from the floor is not a simple task, it can be a bit complicated since it is a material that can stain and show a deteriorated aspect of your home.

In today’s blog we will explain how to remove the wax from the floor of your home , so that it looks beautiful and shiny in four possible ways.

on the wax stain we apply heat with a hand dryer and, helped by an absorbent kitchen paper, we gently remove the floor avoiding scratches

In the first place, to know how to clean wax from the floor, the first thing we have to do is sweep the floor thoroughly and then pass it a wet mop to remove any stains it has collected. This first step is substantial if we want to extract the stain well since, for that, the soil must be well cleaned of other elements.

Secondly, if the stain has been produced by a candle or by some other object that is made of wax, you have to apply heat to the stain with, for example, a dryer and then put on top a paper towel that is absorbent .

Thirdly, if it is the case that the wax stain has just been produced, we recommend that you try to cool it with an ice covered bag. This ice pack is placed on top of the hot wax stain and allowed to harden. Then, remove the wax from the floor with a knife without a saw, to avoid scratching the ground.

As a last trick on how to remove the wax from the floor , if it has been stained after waxing, there is another way to remove the wax from the floor, and it consists of mixing 1/2 cup of ammonia in a bucket with 9 liters of water, Then scrub the floor with the mixture to get the ammonia to finish with the accumulation of wax. The mixture is allowed to act on the ground for 10 or 15 minutes to then clean the soil and extract the ammonia from the soil.

With the help of ammonia, there is another simple and respectful way to remove wax from the floor, and for that you just have to add a cup of ammonia coffee that we usually find in supermarkets for cleaning the home, in a bucket with water hot and scrub as usual, without leaving the floor very wet.

If the floor is made of wood and if there is a scratch on the floor, apply a bit of wax to the damaged area with a spatula. We let it act for approximately 15 minutes and then polish the area with a clean cloth to achieve a smooth and polished surface.

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