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Cleaning and removing the false eyelashes is important so as not to cause damage and in particular to keep them in good condition for a longer period. Removing them as they are applied is not complicated but if you do it incorrectly it can cause important damage such as impaired eye and what is even more serious, the loss of your natural eyelashes.


  • cotton pads
  • Eye makeup remover
  • cotton buds

begin to remove the false eyelashes and glue
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The first thing you should do to begin to remove the fake eyelashes and glue, for this you need to take a cotton pad and wet with the cleaning cream for eyes and place it gently on the eye so that the glue begins to melt properly with the effect of makeup remover. With your diskette proceed to DAB from the base and from the outer edge to the inside of the eye.

Once this is done, try to pull your eyelashes gently and carefully, if it still are not off do not try to forcefully snatch but continue to DAB for another while.

When the glue becomes quite soft you can remove the false eyelashes. Read also: Eyelashes: now with paper

To do this you can proceed in two ways, either using your hands or tweezers.

In other case you have to be very careful and see clearly in the mirror and go to a very illuminated place. This is because, the more light you have to accomplish this task, the less risk of accidentally unplugging your real lashes instead of fake ones.

With both hands and with the tweezers you must start to pull away the false eyelashes from proceeding from the inside of the eye, closest to the corner, until you get to the outside. Once finished, wash your face well so as to hydrate the skin.

It is important to rinse the area well where was the glue to avoid irritating the skin.

Remember that once removed the false eyelashes do not throw them away, if they are still in good condition, it can be reused several times.

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