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Having dark spots on the skin is more common than believed. The causes can be many and varied as hormonal changes in pregnancy, menopause, when taking birth control pills are among others. Other factors could be undue exposure to the sun without adequate protection, the use of products with immediate alcohol and sun exposure; also age may make them appear dark spots on the skin.

How to remove stains on the face

What can be done to completely eliminate or at least greatly reduced these spots?

The main thing is to beware of the sun. Do not leave without putting yourself in the face and especially on the spots, sunscreen. The sun is the main enemy of the skin, so you have to block it completely. If you go to the beach or a picnic, you can increase protection by standing a hat that covers your face.


If you want a swift and decisive phase, you can see a dermatologist to perform a chemical peel. This is to remove layers of skin where the spots. If the stains are deep may be needed several sessions. The laser treatments are also very effective and require only a few minutes.


Another method is the Microdermabration. It is a kind of polishing the skin where dark spots are eliminated from the skin. It also stimulates collagen production in the skin which helps the skin. It also has no side effects.


There are also bleaching creams. These are the counter, can be bought at any drugstore and are sometimes effective. However, this is a lake-term treatment, because we have to apply it every night, leave it on and wash in the morning to proceed to put sunscreen. Approximately after 20 days you will begin to see results.


You can supplement any treatment you choose with natural ingredients such as lemon and vinegar, lightening in nature. You can also use hydrogen peroxide, by embedding a cotton ball and drop by the stains of the face. This is a procedure that also must be done every day.


The cucumber and carrot, famous for their effect on the skin significantly help reduce skin blemishes. You can do two things: make a paste with cucumber and a carrot and apply to the stained area. But surely it’s best days through drinking carrot juice and cucumber to your vitamins begin to operate within.


The combination of natural products with advances in science will make your face is completely free of spots, while you both to help skin look soft and smooth.

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