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How to makeup to look younger

Tips and products to look younger with makeup

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How to makeup to look younger

Tips to look younger are plentiful, but each of us always have to adapt to our own style. So in this post I share with you the better advice and better products to look younger with makeup always keeping a fresh look.

Above all encourage trying new cosmetic products being not with the usual and think are best suited for your skin, because the years pass and the needs of your skin and its characteristics change. Another crucial detail is fill fine lines and pores, you can use a pre-basic or mix makeup foundation and concealer after hydrating skin properly.

Remember the premise that less is more. Use less powder products once you start to have marked the lines, with heavy makeup skins look not so good. Only apply concealer on problematic areas and do not exaggerate in quantity.

The lips are thinning as they get older, so the darker colors are often unflattering to subtract age. Also avoid orange and peach colors that can make teeth appear yellow and flesh tones choose, pink and red for an instant youthful effect.

Tips and products to look younger with makeup

Cosmetics remaining years

The key to youthful makeup is to create a natural and impressive look, but for this care it is necessary to prepare the skin before applying a drop of makeup, exfoliate once or twice a week, moisturize and use sunscreen.

Use a pores minimizer in powder or liquid form. Also for cosmetics use light texture as a foam or a spray.

To hide redness, age spots or dark circles you can use variety of concealers. These products in green or yellow neutralize redness like acne scars, rosacea, or birthmarks. The pink and peach correctors are effective in covering blue or gray tones under eyes

For a youthful appearance you can choose a blush to the cheeks slightly hot, and if you need to look more marked you can apply a dark bronzer under the cheekbones.

The flask shadows Bobbi Brown Day to Night Shadow, the illuminating foundation Benefit High Beam Highlighter and blush Chanel Powder Blush 15 Orchid are products that will help you highlight the area where the sconces. You can use these cosmetic eyelids, cheeks, and areas where you want to add light.

To highlight the lips and get a look sensual mouth, young and fresh but nothing like Neutrogena lip gloss MoistureShine, the Revlon Lip Balm Kissable Bitten Stain Stay, or Lancome lipstick Rouge in Love Rose.

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