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How to make sexual relationship more emotional

How to make sexual relationship more emotional


How to make sexual relationship more emotional

In the far east, patience and dedication are two characteristics considered as the main pillars of a happy relationship. Everyone can feel that its clogs are just as good for your Western society does. Unfortunately, these elements are often lacking in you. You lead a hectic life, should constantly performance, hardly have time for yourselves, let alone your partner.

How to make sexual relationship more emotional

Usually tops the evening you exhausted your beds. There is often no time to talk and even less for love. Many couples have therefore made a practice of the love at fixed times (e.g. Saturday) to companies. It is a sort routine that few feelings and emotions to be useful. Often it is only there as quickly as possible to reach the peak. To hug, kiss and truly old-fashioned-sex approach would not matter anymore. The eroticism is gone.

If your sexual relationship has left, it is high time for the love god again to call. How? By Slow sex is a way of making love which enables the intimacy and passion from the beginning of the sexual relationship even to a relationship that seems doomed to beaches new life blowing.

Slow sex does not just take time for love, for foreplay, but also requires an emotional commitment. To slow sex businesses have time and dedication. It means the convert button. Just do not think about the laundry that still needs to be turned, the football program that starts in half an hour, the book that you would still want to read. It requires full concentration and devotion, and goes further than just the foreplay.

Reaching the peak is only an afterthought. The excitement that the long foreplay, kissing and caressing each other cause, the joy of reaching the climax even beyond. During slow sex discover your own body and that of your partner again (or perhaps for the first time). The caress of spots of the body where you normally pays no attention (shoulders, arms, feet) can suddenly turn out to be very exciting. Because sex is not a mechanical act. There is a lot of chemistry involved. Caressing, hugging and kissing stimulate the production of hormones and endorphins that make (which you will feel comfortable) released. Therefore it is so important for lovemaking time is taken.

Time for slow sex is today a luxury. Yet it is worth it. Because time is not just comes naturally to you, you must have slow sex – unfortunately – prepare. How can you do that?

Create the perfect environment: dim lighting, soft music, a comfortable room, beautiful lingerie. Do you have kids, take them for a night at grandma and grandpa. Switch off mobile phones, like the television. Concentrate completely on yourself and your partner.

Make your beautiful, so you also feel beautiful to him. Take a relaxing bath, use a scented body lotion, wash your hair, paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows and feel good.

Take your time with your partner to talk about emotions, about the things you feel. Imagine also open to his thoughts and listen to him. Put all thoughts of everyday things from you, but concentrate on your body. Follow thoughts in his hands, his mouth and surrender to the physical pleasures.

Take time for yourself and for him. Relax and enjoy his caresses. Also pay ample attention to him. Rediscover his body. Be creative and observe his reactions accurately (breathing, movements) to find out what he likes.

Turn any thoughts on performance and hurry away from you. Force yourself and your partner have to do everything slowly. Speed affects the quality and has nothing to do with the intensity. If you do things slowly, yet they can better monitor and enjoy to the fullest.

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