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Shaving is the torture of every woman! With the arrival of summer, you have to be perfect and then off to waxing and solutions of all kinds in order to feel secure and in place who wore the costume at the beach. Pity though, that in addition to undergo painful practices, you must also contend with the post-waxing. Often, you find to deal with ingrown hairs and redness more or less severe. To overcome these drawbacks it can be done at home a soothing lotion.

Please shave, especially with waxing, it causes redness and often there are follicles. Once the waxing is good thing try to decongest the skin passing ice. This first step should be a big help to soothe the redness. As next step you can use a calendula cream because strongly moisturizing and expectorant. It could also help the sweet almond oil or olive oil. You can also try mixing these ingredients creating a lotion that combines the characteristics of each oil proving so highly effective.

Ideas To Make A Post-Waxing Lotion

Mix together about five tablespoons of sweet almond oil and about one of calendula oil. If associate even a drop of an essential oil with soothing properties as for example that of lavender, the mix will be excellent. Mix well and place into a container, preferably dark glass and keep in the refrigerator for a couple of months. Even olive oil is an excellent ally, especially when combined with a few drops of lemon. Spread it out on damp skin slightly to absorb it and massage it with greater ease. Even in this case, if a little remains keep it in a dark glass jar. This is because being natural preparations do not contain any preservatives or chemical additives, deteriorate easily at the touch of light. The dark glass instead maintains intact the qualities preventing oxidation.

You can also mix together honey and a few drops of tea tree oil and gently massage the beauty of these lotions that you can run all treatments you want.

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