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Do not think that to make the shape on the beach; during the summer holidays you can do miracles in two months. There are people who are quite heavy and want to get back in shape in two months during the winter season. If you have not complied with certain dietary rules, during the winter, you can not expect to certainly get back in shape in a minimum time but you can certainly try it with a little trick, you can lose a few pounds and shape your body. Let’s see how to keep in shape for the summer.

It would be an excellent rule, do not rest on their laurels and do not overdo with food during the winter, but this is usually almost never happens, and then you have to run for cover when there are already the first signs of spring and the more moderate temperature, encourages us to exit. A small jog in the morning and possibly also in the evening just after work. It definitely helps to eliminate those extra pounds that have accumulated. Even a healthy bike ride could help dispose of those unsightly rolls of fat accumulated on the sides and of course you cannot reject the idea of the gym.

Professional Fitness Instructor shot in studio

A good instructor will advise you on what exercises you can perform consistently to leak and to model the physical fitness. All this will, however, combined with a balanced diet. Do not talk about diet, it would be excessive, but only a right way to match the food. First, the breakfast should be rich in fruit and grains and if you love pasta, try to eat it for lunch and dinner because the body never gets heavy and could not dispose of calories.

If you experience hunger pangs between meals and the other, do not ingest all of those things but definitely super attractive calories like chips, cupcakes and cakes but Nourish with fruit or with a couple of yogurt that are filling without weighing. Drink plenty of fluids helping with the pineapple juice that has a draining effect.

If possible, use the bread because it gives a feeling of satiety and try to dress a little food preferring the raw salted with carrots and fennel. Also remember the salt foods, because salt brings water retention and helps eliminate those liquids that are harmful to the body. With these minimum rules, you cannot certainly not lose too many kilograms but you will soon satisfied by seeing your body much more in shape.

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