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highlight with makeup
Makeup is one of our great allies when camouflage imperfections and also to bring out the best in our face. If you want to highlight your most attractive features or those that you like most, you just have to read the information that follows. We give you some tricks and tips to show your best face with the help of makeup.

The blusher

Through the touch of blush we managed to shape our face and give prominence to those factions that are our hallmark. At the end of this article I leave you a couple of posts where we remind you how to apply it correctly to get the most out of it.

The contouring

If there is a technique that stands out above others when it comes to using makeup to highlight our features, it is contouring . There are many ways to carry it out, as we have seen in previous texts . The basic idea is to play with the contrast of light and dark tones to highlight the features.

Highlight the smile

Each person has a trait that they like the most and that is what they want to promote through makeup. If yours is the smile nothing better than having healthy and cared lips, protected and hydrated, that make the lipstick used look even more beautiful. To do this, take care of them as they deserve, through periodic exfoliations and a lot of hydration.

Enhance your look

If, on the other hand, the eyes are what you want to highlight the makeup will help you to make your look beautiful and captivating . You can do it depending on the color of your eyes or your hair, for example. Also take care of your eyebrows and the contour area so that everything as a whole looks splendid.

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