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Low budget Dressing Ideas

How to dress at your best if your wallet is low

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Low budget Dressing Ideas

How to dress well that makes you feel good, but sometimes can not get along with your wallet. This is a big problem. Many people do not sail in the gold and the money they earn is used to pay bills and debts. So how can we buy fashionable clothes without destroying wallet? With a little preparation, anyone can learn to make big business.

How to dress at your best if your wallet is low


1. Keep an eye on the offers. Many stores notify those offered to their customers. You can check online on their website.

2. Do not be afraid to use coupons. Coupons can save you some money here and there, and the long run this has its weight. Keep your good in a special place that you can have an eye.

3. Buy clothes that you wear you know. Do not get groped by nice clothes, but, realistically not going to put ever.

4. Do not buy clothes that do not match with what you have in the closet. Otherwise you’d be tempted to buy the other that works for them, taking you beyond your budget, or put them in the closet and not look at them anymore. Both options are undesirable, so do not buy.

5. Make the expenses once a month, and buy only three items. (If you need something, buy it, but if it is a whim, avoid). Pay less than 100 euros every time you go shopping. If you have difficulty, let the credit card at home and brought only this amount in cash. You can not spend more than you earn.

6. Change the clothes in the closet when you make new purchases. For example, for every new garment, you take away something from the closet and give it or sell it.

7. Make the cost with a friend. Another person can advise you to make a purchase or not. Make sure that your friend is honest, and tell you when something you are well. You can also use your friend as a controller of expenditure. Do not let her spend too much, and made to return the favor.

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