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How to disguise frown lines

How to disguise frown lines


How to disguise frown lines

One of the greatest aesthetic concerns that arise over time are the wrinkles and furrows of expression. Over time, facial expressions very marked and even the habit of frown to show anger can be contributing factors to the frown lines.

Fortunately, there are many ways to disguise frown lines that can not be noticed and show off a perfect face.


Previously we talked about the botox which is mainly used for frown lines causing the skin soft and smooth. Anyway, remember that the effect is only temporary and if you want to keep the result you must apply botox every 3 or 4 months.

How to disguise frown lines

But assuming that your intention is not to inject anything but only disguise What tricks and techniques you can use?

One of them is the makeup. Before you apply makeup to keep frown skin moisturized because if it is dry give the impression that it is even more wrinkled. With a good moisturizer in that area will solve the problem. After applying the cream you can put a spell, you must spread eyecup well maybe with a sponge. Then you proceed to make up as usual. Do not overdo the makeup thinking that dissimulate your wrinkles, unlike much makeup cause the opposite effect: the highlights.

Another technique that many estheticians recommend the gentle massage in the area between the eyebrows. This relaxes the muscles of the forehead causing wrinkles will gradually disappear. Another exercise is to press frown lines and go to the side opening them gently. Yes, the massage must be accompanied with a special cream for the face and the results will be faster and durable.

Another option is to wear a patch on the forehead before sleeping makes overnight is stretched between the eyebrows. In English it is called frownies and can be purchased up through the web to a very affordable cost. This method is very effective because the nerves in the forehead as a matter of adaptation will relax and the skin of that area is being stretched. This technique is more effective than botox as it is durable.

Here are some ways to hide the frown lines. The truth is that as you are caused by nerves and stress, in addition to applying these methods you must strive to relax, listen to soft music and playing sports that will help free energy.

Thus, you too can have a  smooth brow.

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