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How To Choose The Right Purse For Your Body Type

you might ask whether the right bag will actually make you look thinner

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How To Choose The Right Purse For Your Body Type

you might ask whether the right bag will actually make you look thinner

When you find yourself shopping for a handbag, it’s important to consider the body type. Most people rush into getting the first cute purse they find without considering how it would look with them carrying it around. Here are some useful tips to consider when looking for the right purse for your body type.

How Your Body Type Determines The Type Of Purse To Buy

If you want something to play down your particular body type, look for a purse that the opposite of it. For instance, if you are a tall and thin person, you can opt for a handbag that’s round and slouchy to bring out some curves with your figure. On the other hand, if you are a short and curvy person, you can opt for something that is tall and rectangular. Even better, a purse that is long and sleek would be perfect for you.

Therefore, if you have a round figure, make sure the bag is more structured for the best results. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a hard box that will counter balance your shape. If you opt for square or rectangular silhouettes in soft fabrics or leathers will work wonderfully. For instance, someone with a petite figure looks great with a large rectangular purse.

Of course, you might ask whether the right bag will actually make you look thinner. Well, that’s not exactly what happens but it will flatter your shaper. Remember the shape of the bag should be opposite to your body type to get the maximum flattery out of it but make sure the size of the bag is in actual proportion to your figure.

Body Types And The Right Bags

1. Curvy

Are you a plus-size woman or curvy? Are your shoulders and thighs narrower than your waist and bust? When shopping for a handbag, don’t choose the slouchy round ones. Rather, you need a bag that has more structure. On the other hand, you don’t need bags that are too small because they will make you look bigger than you are. Also, look for bags that lay flat on your body instead of those that are full with a lot of extra bulk in your thigh or hip area.

When shopping for handbags with prints, don’t get those with tiny patterns because they will not flatter your body. If you have a large bust, don’t choose shoulder bags or messenger bags. You need bags that draw away the attention from your bust. You should choose slings, tote bags or crossbody handbags for the best results.

On the other hand, if you are curvy with an hourglass figure, you have the dream body type and it works well with different types of purses. Here, your hips and shoulders are properly balanced with a well-defined waistline. Of course, you need to be conscious about sizes when choosing a purse. Your ideal choices would be hobo, satchel or tote bags. You need bags that will pronounce your curves and actually flatter your body type.

2. Slim

If you are slim, don’t buy bags that are too big, oversized or wide. Also, you should not buy boxy purses but opt for styles that will mold to the shape of your body rather than stepping away from it. Even for tote bags, make sure they are not too large because they will look overwhelming to your body type.

If you are actually tall and slim, you need bags with a short and slouchy design like the hobo. Don’t buy purses with a short strap because you will appear tall, unless that’s what you want to bring out. You can buy bags that are wider instead of tall and a clutch would be a good choice of purse in this case.

With this body shape, your hips, shoulders and waist are the same size. That’s why you need purses that bring out a few curves to your lean and long body type. Make sure you chose a bag that ends at your hips to account for the rectangular body type. That’s why hobo bags and satchels would be perfect for you.

3. Petite

If you choose wide bags, they will bring out the optical illusion of you being short. Therefore, if you are petite, don’t choose wide bags rather you should choose a bag that’s longer in the vertical sense to elongate your torso. However, as long as the bag might be, don’t choose one that’s too long or hangs very low.

That’s because it will draw the eyes down and you will appear shorter than you might actually be. Whenever in doubt choose a purse with a shorter strap. Also, don’t get oversized bags because they will also make you look shorter. Tote bags are perfect for you in this case.

4. Pear Shaped Body

If you have a pear shape, you should opt for bags with short straps. That’s because you are carrying your weight in your thighs and hips so a short-strapped bag will hang high on your body. Don’t buy bags that hang high at your hip. That rules out bags that are slouchy or lack any structure because they will not flatter your body.

5. Thick Waist

Most women with this body shape have a triangular appearance. That means, their waist is bigger and they are often top-heavy. In this case, a bag with a longer handle is the best choice. Don’t choose bags that end around the mid-section or bustline. The best choice here would be a hip-length crossbody bag because the diagonal strap going across your body will create a slimming effect on your waist.

Remember, any purses that fall between your waist or hips will make your shoulders appear bigger and broader. Therefore, they will balance your figure properly. Certainly, you don’t want a bag that draws a lot of attention to your hips or waist.

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