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How to choose most favorable the blonde shade

medium skin color tinted pink or peach

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How to choose most favorable the blonde shade

As summer is the ideal season to take a hair blond, here are all the guidelines for choosing the tone that suits you. Unless you’re a daring to go for the contrast, the ideal is to choose up to three shades lighter than your natural color.


medium skin color tinted pink or peach

So the color of the skin and eyes should be taken into account to emphasize the lighter tints of your natural shade, and thus achieve the optimal result.

Is that each key of the folder offered by dyes that are in the market, look different from the hair base. So you have to consult with an expert colorist, and prefer the tone on tone coloration if yours is not a radical change.

The very light chestnut, hazelnut and honey tones are ideal for very dark skin or tan in summer. A light brown base color of honey add it wicks if your eyes are dark, or gold if they are clear.


The wicks are golden blond or great if you have blue or green eyes.

If you have a medium skin color tinted pink or peach, coppery blondes still look fantastic. The blonde is very clear for skin pink. If your eyes are dark opt for a copper with gold accents to soften your features.

If your skin is very white not go to a very light blond, a golden going to get better. The blond ash or sand tones look good in these snow-white fur. The plating is very contrasting skin and needs a very uniform and neat, but if you decide you’re going to have a look difficult to forget.


In any case, the hair must be gradually clearing in two or three visits to the stylist to find the balance between the colors of your face and hair.

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