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How to choose a lipstick according to the skin complexion

How to choose lipstick based on complexion

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How to choose a lipstick according to the skin complexion

The worst thing a woman can do is choosing random colors of make up. All women are different from each other, and of course the trick cannot be equal for all. Not to make mistakes you should never combine tricks on your eyes, or hair color, but even better to your complexion. In this case we will see how to choose the right lipstick based on complexion.

The complexion is nothing more than the color of your skin, and along with the hair and the eyes is divided into four types. The first type is called “amber”. Women who belong to this group have a golden skin and with a warm tone. Usually they also have clear eyes and blond hair. Not to mistake these women should opt for purple colored lipstick, peach, pink and apricot. However, if you choose the purple remember not too eye makeup.

How to choose lipstick based on complexion

The second is named “aquamarine”. Women who fall into this group have a pale skin, almost diaphanous, ash blond hair and eyes (both Greens, blues, greys it). For this kind of women lipsticks are of plum, raspberry and pink. Obviously you will need to choose the color according to your age, so if you have passed the 40 most opt for pink and plum.

The third is known by the name of “coral”. Women who belong to this group of a skin have tones of Orange, hair in shades of red and brown hair and dark eyes (Brown, Hazel, Greens). These women should always choose warm shades of lipstick as the plum, sand or terracotta colors is a bit difficult to bring (since they are unusual), but will fit perfectly to your complexion.

The fourth and final type is called “Amethyst” that includes a variety of women. Fall into this type, in fact, all skins ranging from beige to olive, with black hair and deep Blue eyes. Women in this group can dare all pink and red lipstick, of course according to your age. In addition, after 45 years applied over lipstick to a gloss transparent, thereby increasing the volume of your lips and make them look more fleshy.

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