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As you know already, the sun, sea salt, sand or chlorine from the pool is a threat to your hair. To take care of your hair during the summer is essential to consider some ideas that will help you finish the summer with a splendid hair.

The key to taking care of your hair in summer in winter is a routine. What routine hair care can continue?

Ideas for summer hair care

In order to enjoy a beautiful hair long or short it is good to consider some basic care: wash your hair two or three times a week, once a week made ​​a bath of cream and go every so often rebranded shampooing. Use for years the same brand of shampoo and conditioner dry hair.


And in summer? It is best to have it tied the longest possible time. This is a great protection against UV rays, and chlorine and sea salt. After leaving the pool, sea or river applies a moisturizer for the hair, detangling and re-bind. If you leave the pool, usually have a shower and you can remove all the chlorine in the water. On the beach is more difficult, but just apply your moisturizer for thereby you will be protecting your hair from the sun’s action on the salt left in the hair, which you can hurt significantly. When you get home, apply extra virgin olive oil and wait for five or ten minutes. Then wash your hair normally. This will make the salt is completely removed from the hair and give you extra shine and softness.

In summer especially, it is essential that your hair rest of the dryer or flat iron. Recalls that it has been very expuestoy use these elements only worsen hair. Let your hair dry naturally and do not iron the hair during the summer months. The advantage is that you’ll have a look wild and unkempt, summer itself. You might also like this style so adopt it even in winter.

Finally, dare to wear hats, caps, bandanas. This will not only protect your hair but your scalp. You can combine hats with sarongs or sundresses that will give you a very sensual look while protecting your hair.

Remember that hair is the frame of your face and deserves to be cared for throughout the year.

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