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Homemade recipe for stretch marks

Homemade recipe for stretch marks homemade skin

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Homemade recipe for stretch marks

The streaks are one of the most rebellious things that exist. Anyone who has gained or lost weight over a period of time has not allowed the skin to accommodate the changes. The skin is cracked and hence appears as feared these aesthetic imperfections. While they are difficult to remove, some natural remedies can mitigate. How about if you try this homemade recipes of lemon and olive oil?
Homemade recipe for stretch marks homemade skin
Lemon juice
Extra virgin olive oil

To start this recipe you will have to follow a rule every night, apply a few drops of lemon juice over the area affected by stretch marks. Massage well for 10 minutes and then repeat the same procedure, but applying the olive oil. Reason of applying recipe during night time is to protect the affected area from sunlight as it can cause stains on contact with the juice of the citrus.

Upon completion of the work, you simply remove with a little water or just leave on your skin by washing when you wake up. You must be consistent and be patient for this remedy for stretch marks result. But that surely will come to see good outcome.

Of course, you can try different options. Among the treatments for stretch marks you will find mask of aloe vera tips powerful to reduce them.

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