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Most people have trouble losing weight, but many others just the opposite, and therefore not feel grateful.
Failing to gain weight easily is also a problem, and it is frustrating for the sufferer. In this post we will see what healthy to recover and shapes are gaining weight after you have had a disease.

Note that these are general recommendations and always consult a doctor to advise on each particular case.
Gaining weight or maintain weight when a disease suffers

Gaining weight or maintain weight when a disease suffers

Usually when one is ill lose weight because it is no appetite for the discomfort felt. Not to mention that during illness, most diets are inadequate in calories, protein, vitamins and minerals, everything the body needs to have a good nutritional status.

In these circumstances we must try to make smoothies to replace a meal, eat light foods quite easy to digest but nutritious. Moreover, besides trying to incorporate all the important nutrients, focus on getting enough protein, which are very important in recovery after illness.

You have to eat about 150 grams of lean meat, fish or poultry and some portions of dairy, whole grains, eggs and vegetables to the diet adequate supply of this nutrient.

Tips to increase appetite

Walk before meals helps to have a little hungrier.

Even when not hungry, choose your favorite foods can help you eat a little more.

Drinking fluids after eating, because the water like other beverages increases satiety.

Take a fruit smoothie with water can whet the appetite.

What foods should eat to gain weight:

Foods high in calories, nutrients and healthy fats: nuts, peanuts, seeds, peanut butter and almond, avocado, hummus, and crude vegetable oils.

Animal fats while providing nutrients and a good amount of calories, you have to consume moderately because they have saturated fats can raise bad cholesterol, LDL.

Taking cholesterol must prioritize choose vegetable fats and consume small amounts of fat dairy products such as animal fat from lean meat.
However, when there are no problems with cholesterol, you may eat high-fat dairy products such as cheese .

Eating nuts with meals provides protein, fiber, healthy fats and calories.

The tubers are ideal for gaining weight, and also to increase their caloric value, they can be flavored cooking, dairy, vegetable oils, legumes, etc.

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