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Hair removal methods: the pros and cons

The razor is definitely the most simple, cheap and quick method

Hair Removal

Hair removal methods: the pros and cons

To have a smooth skin, proof caress, you have the possibility to choose between various methods of hair removal. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages and not everyone can fit in the same way. If you have not yet figured out which method is best suited for you, read this guide to find out what are the pros and cons of all hair removal methods and decide which one you like more genius.

Among the various methods of hair removal there are some that allow you to have a smooth skin for at least a couple of weeks, others less lasting effect. In addition, some of them are quick ways to remove hair superfluous, others take longer. Analyze them one by one.

The razor is definitely the most simple, cheap and quick method

Using Razor

The razor is definitely the most simple, cheap and quick method. Depilation with razor is also completely painless and you can even use it for the most delicate areas of the body. To dispel the cliché according to which the razor increases and strengthens the hair: in fact the feel of hard and thick hair is due to the fact that the blade of the razor cuts the hair only on the surface. The root, in fact, is not stimulated and, consequently, it is not possible that the razor has the capacity to care the structure of the hairs causing them to grow thicker.

Furthermore, each hair follicle is not hosting more than one bulb, so the amount of fluff can not increase because only uses the shaver. This method is therefore an excellent system, both to save the situation in cases of emergency, both as a routine method.

Disadvantage Of The Razor

The disadvantage of the razor is that the hairs reappear after only 1-2 days. So if you choose this method because of its ease of use you need to remember to use it almost every day if you want to always have smooth legs.

Another disadvantage of the razor regards possible cuts that may transmit infections. Remember to choose “disposable” and do not ever mistake it with other people.

Creams And Soaps Depilatories

A method of hair removal, similar in some ways to the razor, is the use of creams and soaps depilatories. These products contain acidic chemicals that “melt” the hairs to remove them. As in the case of the razor, not even the depilatory creams and soaps act on the root of the hair, so if you shave with these products you will get a result very durable. In fact, your hair will grow back no later than 5 days (or even before, according to the natural rate of growth of your hair). This is however a practical method and fast enough, since the exposure times do not exceed, in general, 10 minutes.

Disadvantage Of creams and soaps depilatories

One disadvantage of this type of depilatories regards the risk of irritation on the skin, especially if delicate. Before using creams or soaps depilatories head always the product on a small area of the body and wait 48 hours to check your tolerance to it. If signs of skin irritation in the area where you have tried the product could mean that you are allergic to any substance contained in it and, if so, avoid using it. In addition, you must be careful not to use these products if your skin is not intact, in order to avoid burns and abrasions.

Waxing And Electric Epilator

For longer lasting results you can choose between two methods of very effective hair removal: the waxing and electric epilator. Waxing is a method of professional hair removal that, if done in the right way, secure a skin free from hair for weeks.

Disadvantage of waxing

In fact, with this technique, the hair is removed at the root. Moreover, when the hairs grow back are thin and soft to the touch. Whether you decide to make it to the beautician or at your home, you have to consider that you need a time greater than previous methods of hair removal addition, this method is not painless as the other two before seen all depends on your personal “pain threshold” and the degree of sensitivity of your skin to suffer less during the yank opt for waxing heat: the heat opens the pores of the skin making it easier and sweet grubbing up the hair waxing, as well as being a bit painful, it can also have other disadvantages.

If you suffer from capillary fragility, with tears strips can be traumatic and put highlight blood vessels. Another drawback of waxing on their exposure to the sun: once you have shaved with this method expects at least 1 day before exposing to UV rays to avoid irritating the skin from tearing already sensitized with wax.

Even with the electric epilator get an effective and long lasting hair removal. As in the case of waxing, in fact, with this device eliminates the hairs from the root and remains smooth long. However, this method also requires a bit of time and courage! If the tear with waxing, and its feeling of pain lasts a few seconds, the electric epilator with this unpleasant feeling is more prolonged. However, the pain caused by this method is less intense, and if you use it as a technique of routine hair removal, your skin will get used quickly becoming less sensitive to pain.

The disadvantage of electric epilator

If you do not use electric epilator correctly it can enhance the appearance of ingrown hairs and folliculitis. Read also: Folliculitis of the beard: treatment and prevention

These are inflammation of the hair follicles that are manifested in the form of red pimples. To avoid that the hair grows back under the skin, be careful to use the epilator always against the grain, pulling the skin with one hand, so that it remains taut during the passage of the rotating tweezers. In addition, it will be useful to make a scrub before depilate to facilitate the escape of any already appeared ingrown hairs. To reduce the appearance of folliculitis, disinfects after each use epilator head with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Finally, do not forget to apply a moisturizing lotion on your skin after you have shaved.

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