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All without exception you have made the unanswered question why women have to pluck and men not? Do you know about it? Now there are many hair removal methods, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Analyze each and see which method of hair removal is most suited to your needs and possibilities.

The razor: It is true that your husbands complain that they use the razors but the temptation is irresistible. It is fast, painless and at first glance looks good, especially if then you apply cream. This can be an advantage especially if you need an express waxing, but the disadvantage is that the hair grows louder and louder which makes growing up look more ugly. Further growth is accelerated and in less than a week and have a hairy back.

Hair removal methods: advantages and disadvantages of each

Wax: Unlike the razor cuts the hair flush and leave the root, waxing pulls the hair root. Hair growth is very slow and as time goes on if you continue with that method depilatory hair becomes weaker. It can be used in the legs, groin and armpits. The big disadvantage is that it hurts a lot especially when applied in the armpit.

Electric shaver: like the wax it removes hair root. Its good effect can last up to three weeks and is an ideal method for the legs. The disadvantage is that it is a slow process and should not be used in sensitive areas like the groin or armpits. It is as or more painful than waxing, but the fact is that your body gets used and after using it several times and you may feel much pain.

Depilatory cream: It is very effective but does not eliminate the hairs root. At any rate, ideal for small areas like the upper lip or the top of the eyebrows. The disadvantage is that it can cause allergic reactions and irritate the skin so you should first test as you affect your skin type.

Laser Hair Removal: There are several types of laser hair removal and the advantage is that is final. In just a few sessions you will forget completely the unwanted hair. It is safe and painless. After treatment you must follow the specifications which prompted the doctor to give you the best results. Treatment is more expensive than others and should be willing to afford it, maybe that is the only disadvantage. However, before thinking about the hair removal consult your dermatologist.

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of the methods of hair removal, choose the one that best suits your needs and say goodbye to unwanted hair.

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