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The glasses can be an element that play favor in the makeup to put even more focus on the eyes and the look
Many women do not know how to make-up when they wear glasses . Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than when they do not wear it because, obviously, the first thing you see on your face is the lens mount. However, this does not imply that one has to give up being pretty or putting on makeup. With a few simple tips , you will be perfect and, in addition, in a short time.

The tricks

The glasses can be an element that play favor in the makeup to put even more focus on the eyes and the look . For this, you have to know how to make the most of the makeup. In these cases, it becomes the reality that less is more, since it is better to opt for simplicity and never for exaggeration.

The eyeliner becomes a good ally. Its use depends on the mount that is carried. For example, if it is very large and striking, apply a thicker line over the upper lashes to highlight the eyes. On the contrary, if the glasses are more discreet, it is preferable to make the stroke much finer .

As for the shadows , the best alternative is to make up with some neutral tones . If you like smokey or smokey eyes you do not have to give them up, although it is convenient that you always do them in gray or brown tones . In addition, opt for this style of makeup more striking always at night and never for the day.

Finally, you have to pay close attention to the eyebrows , which have to be perfect and very well arranged. In the case of having holes, it is advisable to fill them with a pencil of eyebrows of the same tone that the eyebrows or with a shade in powder.

With the rest of the makeup it is also convenient to be discreet and run away from very dark blush tones. On the lips you can add a touch of more color, but beware also with the most striking colors, even with the reds.

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