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Foot problems caused by shoes

Uncomfortable shoes have high heels or not, they may increase the risk of arthritis in the joints

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Foot problems caused by shoes

In heavy times fashion is not going hand in hand with health, especially when shoes it is. The greatest enemy known for our feet is the stiletto, but the dangers are not just in it, there are other more styles of shoes that can be harmful. Discover what are the common problems caused by the constant use of some shoes are.

Toe deformities

Shoes with fine tip maintaining tight fingers generate deformations on them making them look just more “pointy”.
On the other hand, high heels also causes the fingers are crushed inside the shoe and the bones change shape, resembling claws.
Uncomfortable shoes have high heels or not, they may increase the risk of arthritis in the joints


The tight-fitting shoes are responsible for the heinous bunions, how to avoid this problem is to use proper footwear, do not crimp the feet.

Ankle problems

Platform shoes are primarily responsible for this problem because they contribute to instability.
Because you are adding unnatural height to toe, it is more likely to happen if ankle sprains platforms too often or for too long are used.

Achilles tendon injury

This is the result of constant wearing high heels too long needle. Tendinitis affects almost all women who fit these heels every day.

Plantar fasciitis

The chatita can generate plantar fasciitis, a condition that causes severe pain in the foot.
The lack of support means tendon problems, including inflammation of the tendon that connects the heel bone to the toes.

Claw foot

The sandals are also harmful, encourage the formation of claw toes because they do not have enough grip.

Nerve damage

Tight boots are harmful end because they can generate irreversible damage to the nerves in the foot.
If they are made ​​of materials that pose very little stretch, restricting the movement of the knee and exert great pressure on the nerves, It can lead to a painful and burning sensation.

Joint problems

Sports shoes, especially running shoes can also cause problems when the buffer is worn. It always replace this shoe to avoid suffering from joint pain and other health problems of the feet.


Ballet shoes offer virtually no support for the arch and as they have a very limited damping, can contribute to other problems, therefore we should not abuse their use.


The shoes that are covered in leather can be very warm and comfortable, but despite not generate problems with the joints and tendons, causing other fungi may be due to the moisture they generate.


Uncomfortable shoes have high heels or not, they may increase the risk of arthritis in the joints of the feet due to the extra pressure they exert. The shoe has to be as comfortable as possible, so that the feet do not suffer and being walked normally.

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