Fitness trend – way to keep the figure in the best form

Rope Skipping Fitness Trend

Have you seen the latest fitness trend Pole Dancing? No? Then quickly looked into pure product. Who wants to have a smart figure in the summer, the tormented come as early as the end of winter to get in shape. Who wants to save his bikini figure up in the autumn, which can save five fashionable fitness trends, or workouts, the hard-earned long dream figure.

Rope Skipping Fitness Trend

Hula hoop fitness trend:

With the hula hoop can bring momentum into your life. The iconic sports machine was invented in the 50s. New trends are the water-filled ‘Aqua Waves’, nor should the swing better. Hula hoop workout abs, legs, buttocks and strengthens the back muscles. Also in this fitness trend is the fabric tightened and trains stamina.


Woyo fitness trend:

Who can find a hard workout too strenuous and a yoga class is lame, you should try the Woyo, this program combines fitness and yoga. It strengthens muscles, improves posture and provides deep relaxation. After some time with this fitness trend in the body is toned and the body becomes more supple.


Salsa Aerobics Fitness trend:

High Impact was boring yesterday, insiders swear by salsa aerobics. After a short warm-up phase of the whole body to passionate Latin rhythms is strengthened. The exercises are based on classic aerobics, but the movements are much smoother and softer, thus the joints are spared.


Bollywood Dance Fitness Trend:

Who loves Bollywood films and is fascinated by Ayurveda will be thrilled. This barefoot conducted fitness class combines the rhythmic movements of the Indian temple dance with elements of aerobics, yoga, tai chi and qi gong. The participants of the fitness trends into bindi on the forehead, fragrance oils provide a relaxed atmosphere.


Rope Skipping Fitness Trend:

What is the new rope jump? First, it is now skipping rope and the other has the children’s game blossomed from earlier become a serious sport. In gyms or at home can be provided to groovy music on neon-colored, narrow ‘Speed ​​Ropes’ or with plastic sleeves bounce ‘Beaded Ropes’. This is not only fun, but endurance training, movement and coordination.

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