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Fashion tips for all

Fashion tips for all

Beauty Trends

Fashion tips for all

Some fashion advice to hide your weaknesses and highlight your strengths …To lose weight or lengthen the silhouette

– Vertical lines thin and close


To magnify or compress the silhouette

– Horizontal and diagonal lines

– Add volume to the party


To conceal

– Create a diversion, drawing the eye to another part of the figure

– Note that the dark hides nothing at all!


To highlight

– Attracting the eyes of the party with decorative details

– Cast and discover the party to expose


Neck too long

– To be avoided: the wide and deep necklines.

– A preference: the crew neck and high collars.

Fashion tips for all

Neck too short and / or double chin

– To be avoided: the crew neck, turtlenecks, the necks, short necklaces, hair too short neck that release.

– A preference: clothing or accessories that allow the space under the chin to lengthen the neck-line V-neck tops or deep U, open collars, necklines broad, long necklaces, scarves, vertical lines to the chest an optical effect.


Sloping shoulders / rounded back

First, learn to keep you right in most cases, that suffices.

– Avoid: bare shoulders, soft clothes that do not hold, the rounded necklines.

– A preference: the discrete shoulder back in fashion this fall / winter!, Wide collar and square.


Shoulders broad / square

– Avoid: volumes, overlays, wide necks, square necks, the sailor collars, shoulder pads, pleats, stripes, jackets that stop at the waist.

– A preference: ties, neck tie knots, shawl collar, deep V-necklines or U, the vertical lines converging on the neck as a senior with an inset, faceplate or folds.


Small breasts

– Avoid: senior tight, tight, deep necklines, the deep U-shaped necklines.

– A preference: padded bras, overlays, heavy fabrics, high detailed, high draped, high ruffled.


Large breasts / sagging breasts

– Avoid: senior tight, wide collar, rounded collars, necklines U deep, plunging necklines, bare shoulders, the chest pockets, jackets above or to the waist, high lighter than the bottom, high waist, wide belts at the waist, and puffed short sleeves, the shirts worn over skirts or pants.

– A preference: choose a good bra to keep the chest, V neck, heart-shaped necklines, high worn inside the bottom making them “bilk”, tunics long (longer than the hips) , top with thin vertical lines converging towards the waist, long sleeves and loose. You can also offset by widening the shoulders with shoulder pads.


Thick arms

– Avoid: bare shoulders, the sleeveless tops, short sleeves, tight-fitting sleeves.

– A preference: the 3 / 4 sleeves, the sleeves, shawls and stoles.


Thin arms

– Avoid: sleeveless tops or short sleeves, bare shoulders.

– A preference: heavy fabrics, the wide sleeves 3 / 4 in long.


Thick waist

– Avoid: skirts and trousers with high waist, wide or thin belts and contrasting (eg, not the white belt on a set dark).

– A preference: coats rights, straight dresses, high non-marking size, fine tonal belts, jackets with a length below the hip.


Wide hips

– Avoid: skirts, skirts bright skirts with big patterns, gathered skirts, skirts with horizontal lines, mini-skirts, mini dresses, jogging suits, pants fitting, pants with pockets , jackets stopping short at the hip, belted coats (except for the trench).

– A preference: trousers rights, baggy pants, dark skirts, skirts with vertical lines close together, straight skirts, long tunics, jackets of all lengths except at mid-hip.


Thick thighs / saddlebags

– To be avoided: the straight dresses, short skirts, skirts above the knee, fitted dresses, sizes low, the tall, tunics and jackets stopping mid-hips, slim pants, leggings all forms generally adjusted too.

– A preference: trousers rights, baggy pants, the skirts and flared skirts or pants darker than the tops, tunics and jackets 3 / 4 or more (come largely under the hips, mid-thigh ±); Choose flowing fabrics, soft or moderately stiff that are your size, if the clothes are too tight, your default will be highlighted.


Prominent buttocks

– To be avoided: the dresses fitted, decorative details (pockets, buttons, rhinestones, zippers, patterns), tight clothing.

– A preference: the skirts, flared skirts, long tunics, long jackets.


Flat buttocks

– Avoid: slim pants, leggings, decorative details on the buttocks, tight-fitting skirts.

– A preference: the skirts (especially if narrow hips), long tunics, the jogging, skirts and pants with pleats (which will set the volume), empire dresses, baby doll dresses, dresses straight bit adjusted.


Thick legs

– Avoid: tight-fitting miniskirts, tights clear, brightly colored tights, tights with patterned skirts or tight pants, and heels, big heels add to the silhouette.

– A preference: further rights to the pants, skirts or pants fluids, thigh boots, dark tights, heels to soar for the silhouette.


Skinny legs

– Avoid: short skirts and loose pants slim, leggings, tights or tights with patterns of bright colors that attract attention.

– A preference: baggy pants or skirts.

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