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Facial cleansers: which is better?

Facial Cleansing

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Facial cleansers: which is better?

The facial cleansing is a beauty routine that is essential for every woman to remove impurities, removing makeup and skin shine a brighter face and uniform. A cleaning that can be done with multiple products on the market. Each of them has a series of particularities, which makes them suitable for a specific type of skin or for certain situations.

Facial Cleansing

Micellar water

Micellar water is one of the last products that has been released to the market. The truth is that it is quite comfortable to use and it is also very practical because, with just one product and gesture, the skin is cleaned. In addition, it is possible to use it to remove makeup from the eyes and lips. Besides, it has other advantages: it tones and moisturizes the dermis.

Two-phase products

Two-phase cleaners are those that have two colors or two parts. One is watery and the other is oily. Its use is indicated for the eyes and lips because they are more sensitive areas, being possible to do the cleaning although cosmetics are used that are resistant to water.

Gels and foams

Cleaners can also be found on the market in the form of gel or foam. In this case, it is a product that is particularly suitable for combination skin and fat because they often contain substances that are harmful to the skin.

Make-up removing oils

The makeup remover oils, on the other hand, are indicated for the drier skins because they are products that respect the pH of the skin, helping to avoid common problems of this type of skin such as dryness or that feeling that you have sometimes that the skin pulls.

Cleansing milk

Cleansing milk is the classic product for cleaning the skin. This product is indicated for all skin types – care with mixed or oily skin – because it is available in different formulations.

This product has the advantage that it also moisturizes the skin, although it has the disadvantage that cleaning is more difficult because it has to be done in two phases . First, spread the product to then remove it with the help of cotton. In addition, always afterwards it is advisable to use a facial tonic so that the pH is balanced.

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