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Eyeshadows: what texture do I choose to look my eyes gazalled-eye?

eye shadows

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Eyeshadows: what texture do I choose to look my eyes gazalled-eye?

eye shadows
Many people, when makeup the eyes, happens that the perfect shade does not last long. This can occur because they choose the texture of the product poorly. And in the market we can find different types of shadows of eyes, but the main ones are powder or cream. Each one is indicated for a series of effects and skins. These are characteristics that should be known to get the most out of the product and remain intact for as long as possible.

Shadows in powder

One of the advantages of powdered shadows is that they blur and blend with great ease , being very easy to apply and achieving good results, even if you are not a person skilled in makeup.

In addition, in this type of shadows, there is also a greater range of shades and even sizes , which is ideal for those who do more or less make up and need different types of shadows.

However, keep in mind that these shadows are not suitable for all skin types . For example, in the case of fats , this type of product holds less without cracking.

In cream

The cream shadows are also very easy to extend and apply. In addition, they have the advantage that they do not stain the cheekbones when they are applied because no particle falls on them.

In addition, this type of shadows can be used even as an eye liner because they allow to make very precise and defined strokes , thus leaving the eyeliner or the eyeliner parked aside.

However, they also have pros and cons. For example, there are fewer colors than in the case of powdered shadows. Besides, the result is usually more opaque and less iridescent. The dithering is more complex because they are more dense textures.

And, as for the type of skin, people with oily skin should opt for them because they fix better to the eyelid and do not crack as easily as powdered shadows.

On the other hand, people with a normal or dry type of skin can use with good results any texture of eye shadow, either in powder or cream. The decision depends on the style of makeup chosen and the effects you want to achieve.

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