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Eyeliner with glitter

dramatic makeup apply a dark eyeliner pencil first

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Eyeliner with glitter

The glitter eyeliner can help you achieve a stunning look without being too flashy or showy. It is a tool of makeup that has been widely used for parties or outings, if you use it properly you can get an amazing picture.

In this post I show how to apply eyeliner with glitter and incorporate it as a staple for your makeup at night. Dare to Try!

First of all, you must not forget that the excess glitter can make you look cheesy, but give the eyes a touch of glitter with the outline is a great way to create a modern makeup without being too flashy or ridiculous.

If you have already makeup with glitter eyeshadow, eyeliner you will notice that you can get a more dramatic look yet. Of course, you should never combine both types of makeup, obviously unless you’re arranging for a costume party.

How to use glitter eyeliner

First clean your face well with a good moisturizer that is not oily. Apply appropriate foundation and concealer.

Spread chosen eyeshadow, try not to be too loud color, but complements the liner you will use (you can also wear this eyeliner alone, as it has enough prominence to stand without shadows).

dramatic makeup apply a dark eyeliner pencil first

For a dramatic makeup apply a dark eyeliner pencil first, can be any color you are using always drawing the line attached to the growth of eyelashes. You can spread it on the outer corners of the eyes and blend well for a more intense look.

It may happen that the glitter eyeliner becomes somewhat difficult to use, but if you’re used to liquid eyeliner, you will not have any problems.

Note that smokey eye makeup with this type of liner has to be in muted colors and not too much. The lips have to take second place, apply just a lip gloss or a flesh color.

Another important detail is that just as you should not mix the glitter eyeliner with an eye shadow with glitter, you should also avoid any other item or accessory shiny.

Try to wear earrings and necklaces dull, for makeup is the star of the look. On special occasions, you can combine with bags with metallic details, but stay away from those who are bright unless you plan to attend a costume party.

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