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Eyelashes: now with paper

combining with the makeup


Eyelashes: now with paper

There are several types of  hairpieces to enhance the look, making the most abundant and long eyelashes  and even to create dramatic looks for special cases where the accent is on the look.

The latest trends included feathers, rhinestones and precious stones in all styles and colors. But the trends are always amazed and make-up this time with new tabs of paper that are delicate in both its structure and design of flowers or small butterflies, among others, that adorn the eyes as never seen before.


making the most abundant and long eyelashes


Have a clear Chinese accent inspired by the art of paper cutting jian Zhi, often seen in ancient pottery and fabric designs. Some models have a symbolic significance laden names, such as tabs “Deer and Butterfly” that represent a person “free, sensitive and delicate”, horses are a symbol of success, ponies for happiness and good fortune or peach blossoms, which sponsors the lucky days. This will merge the traditional symbols of contemporary culture and modern design.


combining with the makeup


On its use and creative

  • These small works of art are created by Paperself, a design platform which employs paper as material for furniture and lamps.
  • The tabs come in eleven different designs and two sizes, one longer for the entire eye and other a very small size to accentuate the corners where the eye folds.
  • Because of the delicate, it does not resist water or extreme temperatures but are quite flexible. All is well placed with special cement.

They are ideal for combining with the makeup and that alone is not stand out so much and maybe lost a little. It is best to accompany vibrant-colored or even with small shiny if you want to create a more ornate. Then to remove the same procedure as with other normal. Just do not last longer than for a single use because they are very thin.


Chinese art show is put on these false eyelashes inspired paper designs unusual singular forms. As you know in treatments for eyelashes buying masks that highlight your eyes get someone thinking of a very different solution which includes an element as common as paper.


If you’re into looks that attract full attention, then these tabs meet all the objectives as presented in various designs and shapes, will surely be one to match every style, both day and night.

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