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Looking for a new fragrance to wear this season? Your perfume is an important part of your appearance, and you should always use quality fragrances that reflect your own style.

Escada's new fragrance Especially

For young and spontaneous women, Especially has launched her new fragrance Escada, unmatched modern and fresh. Learn more about this new product, which already has followers throughout the world since its launch.


Its fragrance

It is clearly a scent of roses, but very sophisticated and unique, combined with different flavors: first, to feel an intense aroma of pear, which is mixed with seeds of ambrette. This awakening cool, then goes its way to the delicate flowers. They combine the rose and ylang and the result is rather feminine, cheerful and energetic, overflowing all around you and a type of fresh fragrance although very elegant, ideal for everyday use. Like all products of this firm, it also cares for your skin because it is hypoallergenic.

Escada's new fragrance Especially

The style of those who use

Escada Especially was specially designed for today’s women, young in attitude. They use modern women, happy, fun, spontaneous and elegant. They are very feminine girls, who are led by their emotions always come first, true to themselves. They have strength, attitude and personality. Know how to be sexy at all hours of the day and way, original and unique.



His presentation is already ahead of us the style and quality of this perfume, Especially own brand. The bottle is very elegant and sober and tempts you to touch and feel. It is rectangular with soft edges. As the perfume, the bottle has a perfect balance between delicate, elegant and modern that is not lost, as you will not pass you by using this fragrance. Color is transparent and reveals the delicate pink of the product. The cover emulates an elegant golden buckle logo Especially, i.e. two large capital E faced. The great thing is that this logo is reflected in the bottle.


The perfume is sold in presentations 30ml, 50ml and 75ml. To complete your collection of elegance and femininity, Especially offers also its body lotion 150 ml Especially Escada and Especially Escada shower gel 150 ml.


Spot and promotion

The beautiful Israeli model Bar Refaeli has been chosen to promote Escada Especially perfume, consistent with the style casual and glamorous product.

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