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Environmental pollution is the worst enemy of the skin

Environmental effects and skin disease Skin and Air Pollution

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Environmental pollution is the worst enemy of the skin

A healthy face but requires special care and a clean environment and if this is not possible then you have to extreme measures, as this factor is one of the major causes of premature aging among others. A few months ago it took place the World Congress of Dermatology in Canada, where the brand La Roche-Posay noted this problem through their specialists.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and face more visible its part, along with hands, chest and neck, which is why care is so important. At the World Congress of Dermatology, which was held recently in Vancouver, Canada, specialists did focus on this issue. There’s signature La Roche-Posay , always at the forefront of dermatological research, actively participated in the exhibition of renowned professionals dermatology worldwide.

Environmental effects and skin disease Skin and Air Pollution

The effect of air pollution on the skin is a problem that will increasingly important over the years, he told Professor Jean Krutmann, Director of the Research Institute for Environmental Medicine Leibniz based in Dusseldorf, Germany .

The air pollution has never been a topic in these events but it’s still one of the major scientific issues. Sensitive skin is particularly affected by pollution and La Roche-Posay leads the research on this topic. Its products point to this type of problem to solve very delicate skin.

1600 cities in 191 countries, only 12% respected the guidelines of the World Health Organization on environmental contamination. While the effect of this phenomenon on overall health is well known, there are now solid scientific evidence for that is also a major cause of aging and skin damage. In fact, this damage can occur even against relatively low levels of air pollution, such as those in cities of Europe or America.

Professor Krutmann said in this regard: in European megacities, we are exposed to ultrafine particles, which are probably more dangerous than coarse. This is relevant to every person in a big city global problem.

German research published in 2010 established that the levels of particles in air, ranging from soot (carbon particles) to fumes from the exhaust pipes of cars; increase the amount of pigment spots. This finding was confirmed by more extensive research in China.

It is also surprising that the gaseous elements of pollution (ozone, nitric acid and sulfuric dioxide), generate a different effect on the skin, causing wrinkles without pigment spots.

Today, scientists know how different constituents of environmental pollution impact on the skin (increasing inflammation, production of free radicals and increasing the level of sebum produced). Professor of Dermatology Flora Cheung Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, said that, if contamination is severe acne in patients worsened due to the increase in the production of sebum.

For his part, Dr. Dominique Moyal, Manager of Clinical Services of La Roche-Posay, highlights the different steps for skin care that are necessary to protect against the effect of pollution: neutral cleaning, maintenance of the skin barrier and finally, UV protection . A broad spectrum sunscreen is particularly important. There is a synergistic effect between UVA and UVB radiation, and pollutants he explains. And the products that have anti-adhesive properties ensure that the particles do not stick to the skin.

Is key then the care and skin care in addressing climate change and pollution of the cities. And explain greets professionals on how to deal with this evil and products help us in this fight.

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