Elegant French Nail Designs: Easy To Learn How To Do French Manicure

Pink French nails with dots and circles on the thick white line are very beautiful, delicate and feminine

If you want to know how French nails are made and discover all its variations then you have reached the most complete guide on nail decoration where you will see a color line at the end of the nail to decorate your hands.

This concept is called French nails that are generally used in the hands of elegant women who are dedicated to being beautiful since their design, being geographically straight and exact, gives the feeling that those who do it are style girls and who pay attention a lot in his image respect fashion.

Within Nail Art it is a style that never ceases to be a trend for which every manicure always recommends at some point to have this design for a matter that they are easy to do and fast when going to a party and you will be very well arranged combining with your dress and makeup on your skin.

Pink French nails with dots and circles on the thick white line are very beautiful, delicate and feminine

They are also known as French nails and can be done for both short and long nails, although the recommendation is always that the woman have the longest nail to have more space for creativity when decorating.
French nail decoration with gold line and glitter on one of them to highlight the middle finger of the hand, it is very beautiful with a transparent glitter layer

Long gel nails with transparent gold glitter glitter paint where french manicure nails art are applied

French nails of extreme silver color in your paint that is very beautiful in the hands to be elegant at an evening party

Nails painted French gray with the tip line in white and on one nail a drawing of a flower in black and white that looks very nice with the solid gray color

French nails of natural color highlighting only one of the hand with shiny or glitter paint

Pink French nails with dots and circles on the thick white line are very beautiful, delicate

French nails with a shiny golden line with a layer of nude polish on each surface and to finish on the side of the nails that protrudes from the finger, paint with shiny glitter

Different styles of French designs where the line is white combining different types of nail art decorations

Long French nails with shiny stone applique separating the transparent color in the entirety dividing with a silver line and the upper end a large part with white enamel

Another very beautiful and youthful nail art design for any girl who wants to look pretty on her nails with a combination of white flower lines and French nails applying a pink bow

Elegant and neat French nail designs applying French manicure where neatness is highlighted with a nude color and white tips

French nails with wide and long flowers which on one side you apply nude or pink or pastel paint and the one that protrudes where you apply the Adhesive Guide for French Manicure in white

This is one of the trends that is being used the most in decorated nails, which is to use pastel colored enamels and apply each color on different nails but only the part that comes out of the finger is painted and gives how long the nail is.

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