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Drinking tea is a relaxing activity for many people, but a recent study in Canada found in tea may have an unexpected ingredient, lead, which is a very dangerous pollutant for pregnant women. The fetus is particularly vulnerable to toxins and the researchers caution that the levels contained in this infusion can be tall enough to be a concern for pregnant and lactating women.

The study was done on various brands and types of tea, and found that in almost all of them had levels of lead above 5 micrograms, which is the safe limit that may contain food.

When several cups of tea are consumed, this amount only adds and can be a big problem for the developing fetus.

Drinking tea could be dangerous for pregnant and lactating women

Researchers found that tea originates from China that has the highest levels (Oolong tea, green tea and black) tea. It was also found that organic teas whose infusion was made with over 15 minutes of rest, were those with the highest levels of lead.

The toxicity of lead can lead to coma and death when consumed in high amounts, but in smaller quantities remains toxic and may be associated with reduced IQ and difficulties in school when the child grows.

The researchers recommend that tea consumption is very limited for pregnant and lactating women. Furthermore, this study brings to alert public health and is a wake-up call for the regulation of lead in tea worldwide.

Therefore if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is best to avoid drinking tea for time to avoid any problems.

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