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It is not an easy task to find a comfortable shoe so when you find it you must take care of it so that it accompanies your way for a long time. Many people take care of their shoes as if they were jewelry, however other people completely abandon their care.

If you want your shoes to stay like new for longer , the following tips will be of great help:

If you want your shoes to stay new for longer, be sure to read the following article

The first thing to do when buying new shoes is waterproof them. There are many specific products on the market for this but if you don’t want to spend too much you can use horse fat
If your shoes get wet due to weather conditions, do not dry them in the sun or expose them to a heat source such as an oven, a stove or a radiator because they can harden or break. The best thing you can do to dry them is to put them in the air free with newspaper inside to absorb moisture

  • Get used to wearing a shoehorn to prevent your shoes from deforming
  • Do not wear the shoes two days in a row, as the footwear tends to deform and absorb odors, let your hands breathe for one day and then use it again
  • Excess waxes and creams shortens the life of the shoes, that is why it is not advisable to clean the shoes every day with cream or wax, it is better to use the cream once a week and every day wipe it with a damp cloth to clean them

Go to the shoemaker to renew caps and soles

Protect them from dust and moisture and if possible keep them in their own box
If your shoes discolour, apply colorless wax inside and wait until they are dry before using them again.
Depending on the shoe, how will it be cleaned because it is not the same to clean a sports shoe than a suede shoe than a leather one

Leather shoe cleaning

Leather is a long-lasting material but dries out over time and can become rough and cracked. To clean leather shoes, you must first remove the dirt with a damp cloth but be careful not to get the leather too wet. Then let them dry but do not leave them in the sun because it dries them out. When they are dry apply cream or shoe polish. Let the product dry and then proceed to shine with a dry wool cloth.

Suede shoe cleaning

Suede is a material that is widely used in winter shoes to keep our feet warm. It is better not to wear your boots or suede shoes when it rains, because water is the worst enemy of this material. To clean these shoes it is better that you buy a special product for it in specialized stores

Cleaning cloth shoes

The cloth shoes are a comfortable alternative to the summer months. To keep them clean longer you should sprinkle them with starch. You can wash them in the washing machine if you remove the laces, but they will fit better if you put them in a mixture of warm water with detergent and salt. Let them soak for half an hour and then rinse with clean water and put them to dry. White cloth shoes turn yellow, if you don’t want this to happen to you once clean, rub them with lemon and let them dry out of the sun

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