Dior glasses in all different styles

Dior Technologic sunglasses for 2015

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These sunglasses are and will be the best accessory a woman can wear throughout the year, regardless of the season where you are.

During the celebration of Fashion Week fashionistas in major world cities such as New York, London, Milan and Paris proposals were incredible and the Dior deserves special mention.

silver mirrored glasses are really impressive

Technologic Dior is the new commitment of the firm to protect our eyes and yet rebalsemos of glamor and good taste. This collection is in line with big glasses worn in 2015, but (in my opinion) is one of the best and most delicate collections.

This collection is more modern, dynamic, and real than its predecessor Dior sunnies So Real. While aesthetically have a classic aviator style Ray Ban, they have been adapted to the glamorous form of Dior.

These Dior glasses are simply sublime
The glasses that betting firm for 2015 are a source of inspiration in a futuristic classic silhouette, there are models with mirrored lenses, others demoted or compact dark colors, but all equipped with super bright metal frames.

Another detail of Dior Technologic is that his legs are made ​​of acetate soft to touch, to feel at the temples is much more comfortable to carry.

Available colors Dior Technologic are silver, gold or black, all as bright as a mirror.

Dior glasses in all different styles
In the pictures below you can see how well they feel these glasses in all different styles.

Here we see the glasses in the traditional gold and brown with reflective glass is splendid in a brunette with hair style rinsing Ombre. Very elegant.

This other picture shows us that in silver mirrored glasses are really impressive, very, very chic.

The Technologic Dior also come in bright colors such as these orange glasses mirrored lenses or conventional versions in dark brown glass.

These Dior glasses are simply sublime. Note that rather than stay with the entire look, giving an image of a sophisticated and elegant girl.

Surely you want your glasses Dior Technologic as I do. The price? Well, Dior is never cheap, but certainly a spectacle of these, worth every penny.

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