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Different types of Lipsticks to make your Lips looks seductive

How to have your lips the most sexy


Different types of Lipsticks to make your Lips looks seductive

How to have your lips the most sexy, you find your style, the color that best suits you but no lipstick will make you look really good if only the lights for a while.

How to have your lips the most sexy

In the market, there are increasingly recognized brands of makeup that offer long-lasting lip. It is very tough to decide which one really works? This article will give you all the information you need to know what the long-lasting lipstick that you love and that will give the best results.


Maybelline Gloss Superstay

It’s creamy texture and a sweet and pleasant aroma. You can just feel sticky when you apply but not annoying at all. The bright part is more creamy and odorless. After a few minutes, the sticky feeling starts to leave, but not dry your lips. For two hours, the brightness and color remain intact. Then the brightness starts to leave, but not the color. If you eat, drink or kiss, you keep losing the shine and color. After about six hours of use, the color may begin to fade a little.


Max Factor Lipfinity

It promises to twelve hours of colored, although you will need to reapply the gloss sometimes, because it is faster and thus lose your lips may also be respected. Application is very simple and very strong after eating, drinking and kissing. Find a wide variety of shades to suit all tastes and occasions.

How to have your lips the most sexy

Astor Stay Perfect

The end of the color is applied with a pen in a very smooth and easy and allows you to achieve a very natural color that blends with the color of your lips. The bright side is used to moisturize your lips and in this case is much more effective than most long-lasting products, which tend to dry out the skin of the lips, so delicate. To achieve the duration of 12 hours it promises, you should apply some times the brightness. There are eight colors to choose from.

How to have your lips the most sexy


Gloss Stain & Shine Sephora

The side of the color texture and flavor in liquid rather strong. It is easy to apply but must be done carefully to distribute the color evenly. The brightness of the sweet smells and more enjoyable. You will not feel sticky or dry your lips at all. The brightness is maintained for two hours and color intact for four. It is very tough at the time but not if you eat, drink or kiss, then lose the brightness and color.


How to have your lips the most sexy

Revlon Lipcolor Stay

First applied with a color brush, which feels somewhat sticky. The brightness is placed so highly co fashion with a bristle brush. Your lips will be in color but not bright, giving a more natural. Lasts up to twelve hours but some may have a little dry lips. There are 28 colors to select.

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