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Caring lips and preventing from cracking

The lips are a very sensitive part of the face to all kinds of factors

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Caring lips and preventing from cracking

The lips are a very sensitive part of the face to all kinds of factors, whether climatic, food or derivatives of the products we use. Generally, lips expressed their lack of health in the form of cracks and peeling that cause irritation or burning, why require very special care to make this area look good, healthy and not a sign of discomfort.

The lips are a very sensitive part of the face to all kinds of factors

Caring and prevent chapped lips

Caring lips makes the face look healthy, fresh, with no signs of abuse. Also allows the lip makeup penetrate better, lasts a long time and so frame a beautiful smile. There are many ways to treat them when they are dry or cracked and also many other ways to prevent these states.

The skin of the lips is five times thinner than other parts of the face and they are so sensitive.

  • Factors that may cause cracks
  • Dry, either by weather or by the action of air conditioners or heaters.
  • Cold and windy
  • Lack of hydration
  • Unprotected exposure to the sun
  • As a consequence of disease (fever, upset stomach, etc.)
  • Allergy or reaction to a product or cosmetic hygiene
  • Food with spicy
  • Lack of vitamins

Symptoms of dry skin

As this area of the skin is very thin, has a very light pink color indicates that the blood vessels are very near the surface. Thus, much more exposed to any aggression. In addition lips have no sebaceous glands that make them able to produce as many natural oils as does the rest of the skin.

Usually lips is start with a tightness sensation, dryness and perhaps look a little red. Then without not treated early start peeling, cracking and in some severe cases little injuries with bleeding and swelling in the area. It is also very likely to become infected, because it is an open wound. Here then the only way to cure them is by consulting a dermatologist who will recommend corticosteroid creams and bactericides.

How to avoid cracks

Daily consumption of at least 2 liters of water will greatly help the skin look hydrated and good color.

Afterwards, due to the aggressions of the environment, you always need extra-moisturize the area through cocoa butters, lip or oils specially designed for this skin care. Its primary function is to provide needed moisture to replace the loss of natural oils and also provide a protective coating that keeps them hydrated for longer against hostile agents.

Several natural products on the market designed for different types of dry, taking into account the skin type of the person (the dry skin require constant hydration). Its use prevents develop various types of infection.

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